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Name: bobbiejobella
Email: bobbiejobella@aol.com
Thank you for caring and sharing the truth! Amen Brother, Soon will be the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Name: Forrest Panther
Email: fdp55@yahoo.com
This was sent to me by my brother in law who witnessed the Viet Nam War, "boots on the ground". I read the authors testimonial and recalled numerous times I have witnessed these types of events in my life. My cousin was a respected deacon in a small Texas church until his daughter, who couldn't have children, adopted a baby African American girl. Their entire 30+ years of devotion to this church, financially and religiously came to a screeching halt. Mt cousin was given an ultimatum and chose to side with his daughter.
So..... How do you pick a truly "faithful" church when behind closed doors their is politics in play and if you don't "tow the line" you are discharged.... After 30+ years....
Name: DJ
Email: hawaii50th@gmail.com
Wow,I stumbled on to your website starting with listening to Dimitru Duduman on youtube, than his grandson. From there I went to this other website called escapeallthesethings.com, I followed a link to your website from there. And I'm blown away with your audio interview titled, Appeal To Hal Lindsey.mp3. You see, I like you came to know the Lord through Hal Lindsey's "Late Great Planet Earth" bible documentary. In 1978 I too went with my wife to see it, and though I thought it was going to be a sci-fi documentary on UFO's. We both were blown away by what we saw and heard Hal present. We went home that night and we grabbed my wife's bible and started to read and investigate. But we kind of got a little frustrated cause it wasn't so cut and dried as he made it sound. But we both did know and realize that we would have to make a commitment to the Lord and start to change our lives so we could be prepared for the Lord's return and know, and understand prophecy. We became born again believers.

We were both baptized Catholics since birth, got into the Charismatic renewal movement in the church after seeing Hal Lindsey's documentary.
To make a very long story short, I was not impressed with all the Catholic church had to offer. I felt that they were too watered down, and didn't preach the Lord's return like they should be.
All of this took place over 17 years ago. But in the last few months it seems that the Lord is having me see, understand, and learn things that I haven't over the past few years. Also He is leading me to people with the same mindset as I have. This is just great, and I just wanted to let you know.

God Bless

Name: Keygar
Email: keygar3@rapturenotes.com
URL: www.rapturenotes.com
It doesn't really matter right now whether America, Iraq, Rome, Jerusalem or good old mother England is Mystery Babylon. It may as well be Kathmandu.

Right now, it's unimportant as to where the antichrist comes from. It may be Europe, Turkey, America, Britain, or the middle east somewhere. Maybe he comes from Nuuk.

I don't really care right now if Gog is Putin, Satan, Obama, the antichrist or Prince Charles. He, or if it were a she, may as well be Lady Gaga, whatever she may be?

I don't lose sleep right now wondering if Psalm 83 is a prophecy or a prayer, or whether or not Nephilim hybrids are already amongst us, or if the rapture occurs before the tribulation or at the end of it, or if America stays as a world power or dissipates.

I don't know right now who the false prophet is, whether it's the Pope, the Prince of Wales or a demonic being. He may as well be Sun Myung Moon.

I'm unsure right now who the antichrist will be. Will he be the Shiite Muslim's Mahdi, Satan himself, a Satan possessed individual, the American president, some dude from Europe in a tweed suit or a despot who comes from out of nowhere? He may as well be a newly discovered Lou Costello.

Who right now really knows for sure whether or not we western Christians will face severe persecution, even death, like our brothers and sisters in hostile countries already do, or who knows unequivocally that we Christians won't suffer famine, disease, financial ruin, imprisonment or the loss of everything before we go to be with Jesus Christ? If there's a phone nearby, perhaps "dial a prayer" may help.

Who right now really understands which generation Matthew chapter 24 refers to? Is it the generation since 1948 when Israel was re-established? Is it the generation that exists after the tribulation begins? Is a generation 40, 70, 80, 100, or a hundred and twenty years in length? Or does the word generation refer only to a race of people? It may as well simply refer to some means of producing electricity.

If the rapture of the church occurred right now, would it produce world wide mayhem or hardly a ripple? Would UFO's suddenly appear overhead taking credit for "the disappearance"? Would one hundred million Americans disappear, or would it be more like only ten million or so who were really "born again"? It may as well be only eight people, as with Noah and his family when they were taken out of harm's way.

Right now, is it even critical if there is a rapture or not? If there is, is it critical as to whether it happens before the tribulation, in the middle of it, or at the end of it? Does it really matter if the war of Ezekiel 38 is before the tribulation, just after the tribulation starts, in the middle of the tribulation or even if it and the battle of Armageddon are actually the same war? Perhaps we should ask a journalist. They would surely tell the truth, wouldn't they?

Is Israel on the verge of signing a peace treaty with the Arabs right now? Or is that still some way off in the future? Is Iran going to go nuclear, or will Israel stop that from happening? Will America continue to betray Israel and try to force it to relinquish more land for peace? If it does, will another judgement befall America, such as perhaps an earthquake of hitherto unknown proportions? Then again, maybe Obama really does have Israel's back as he says, where he can easily put a knife in it.

Did Lee Harvey Oswald kill President John Kennedy or was it a planned assassination by those in power whose interests Kennedy threatened? Was he really killed by a bullet that emerged in pristine condition after doing so much damage and does it matter right now that Oswald was most likely set up to take the blame? If it was Oswald, he was a better shot than Annie Oakley ever dreamed of being, and he deserves credit for being able to be in several places at one time.

Was 9/11 perpetrated solely by Muslim fanatics, or was it an inside job as claimed by hundreds of experts in the fields of aviation, construction, fire, explosions and demolitions? Could it have been simply a ruse to strip away personal freedoms, move power to the elite and fight a war against an ethereal enemy for the financial gain of a few? Does it matter right now? At least we have now learnt that undamaged high rise buildings can freefall perfectly at any moment into their own footprint. Be careful walking through the city.

Are UFO's from other galaxies, demonic manifestations, or craft designed and built right here on earth that the public and enemies must not know about, yet? How can they travel so fast and turn right now so quickly?

Whilst all of these things are interesting and beneficial to ponder, and it's alright to have a view on them, are they really important RIGHT NOW?

Actually, all that matters is where you will spend eternity and whether or not you have made peace with Jesus Christ regarding your sins and how you are living your life.

That's what you really need to worry about..........

Name: Mickey Theade
Email: mickeytheade@gmail.com
URL: http://jesus-talks.com/blogs/blog1.php
101 End Times Bible Prophecies

"Behold, the former things have come to pass, And new things I declare; Before they spring forth I tell you of them."
--(Isaiah 42:9)

"Remember the former things of old, For I am God, and there is no other; I am God, and there is none like Me, Declaring the end from the beginning, And from ancient times things that are not yet done, Saying, 'My counsel shall stand, And I will do all My pleasure'."
-- (Isaiah 46:9-10)

"Now I tell you before it comes, that when it does come to pass, you may believe that I am He."
-- (John 13:19)

The Bible foretells many signs that would culminate in the last days. Jesus indicated these signs would arise together as His return drew near (Matthew 24:33-34). Though many of these prophecies won�t climax until the tribulation period, our generation is the first to see every trend in place. As the final seconds of this age tick away, these events will come into even clearer focus. Keep in mind as you read through this list that these prophecies were penned 1900 to 3500 years ago! How does this relate to you? The last several pages provide the answer � you need to read them carefully.

1. - False Bible teachers would bring in heresies, have many followers, and cause others to reject God's Word (2 Peter 2:1-2). It is very common today to find people who reject the Bible out of hand because they have heard it misrepresented by a false teacher.

2. - These false prophets would be money hungry, smooth talkers (2 Peter 2:3). A growing number of TV evangelists epitomize this. They twist the Scriptures, using misleading words, to make merchandise of the unwary.

3. - The Christian gospel would be preached as a witness to all nations (Matthew 24:14; Mark 13:10; Revelation 14:6). Today, portions or all of the Bible have been translated into over 2,400 languages and dialects covering over 90% of the world's population.

4. - Global communications foreseen (Revelation 11:9-10; 17:8). The Bible prophesies that the entire world will see certain events unfold. The invention of the television and the deployment of global satellite networks during the 20th century allow news to travelthe world at the speed of light for the first time ever. Remember that in the apostle John's day, news traveled at the speed of horseback.

5. - Mankind would be capable of destroying all life (Matthew 24:21-22). Consider that when Jesus made this prophecy the armaments of His day were swords and spears. But today, with nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons, it is possible to wipe out all flesh on planet earth.

6. - The use of nuclear weapons anticipated (Zechariah 14:12). The neutron bomb melts (dissolves) its victims just as God warned 2500 years ago. "Their flesh shall dissolve while they stand on their feet, Their eyes shall dissolve in their sockets, And their tongues shall dissolve in their mouths." This was unimaginable in Zechariah's day.

7. - There would be a global cry for peace (1 Thessalonians 5:3). Never has there been such a concerted, global effort to bring about peace at any cost as there is today.

8. - The Antichrist would use (false) peace to destroy many (Daniel 8:23-25). With all the problems facing mankind, multitudes are looking for a savior to usher in peace and prosperity without moral accountability. The Antichrist will promise the world and Israel such a peace if they follow him but his intentions will be sinister.

9. - In the last days Israel would have a peace treaty in place that the Antichrist will confirm and eventually break (Daniel 9:27). Currently the world's governments are striving for an Israeli peace treaty.

10. - Damascus would be destroyed (Isaiah 17:1, 14; Jeremiah 49:23-27; Amos 1:3-5; Zechariah 9:1-8). Damascus, Syria is increasingly in the news and is extremely anti-Semitic. Many terrorist organizations have their bases in Damascus. God declares that they will become a ruinous heap because they have violently taken what was not theirs. In 2007 Israel vowed to wipe Syria off the map if Syria attacked by chemical weapons.

11. - Chaotic weather would be prevalent (Luke 21:25-26). Jesus foresaw the seas and the waves roaring in the last days. He also likened these signs to birth pangs (Matthew 24:8). The Greek word odin, often translated as sorrows in Matthew 24:8, literally means birth pangs. Furthermore, the apostle Paul reminded us that the creation itself will be delivered from the curse at the end of the age (Romans 8:21). And that the whole creation groans and labors with birth pangs (Romans 8:22). As delivery draws near, birth pangs always increase in both intensity and frequency. Therefore, the creation itself would travail as the time of delivery draws near. Of course chaotic weather is not new, but there are indications that we are witnessing an increase in strange weather.

12. - There would be a move toward a global government (Daniel 2:40-44; 7:23; Revelation 13:7-8). The former Roman Empire which encompassed present-day Europe would revive and eventually dominate the world. The European Union has steadily moved forward in its attempt to unite Europe politically and economically. It has succeeded in creating a European parliament, a court, and a common currency. And globalization is not unique to Europe, it is happening everywhere.

13. - Literal Babylon (formerly called Babel, Genesis 10:10) would reemerge in the land of Shinar known today as Iraq (Zechariah 5:11; Isaiah 13). Saddam Hussein spent over 20 years rebuilding the city of Babylon. Today, with Saddam's regime overthrown, the international community is discussing how to rebuild Iraq.

14. - The fact that God once flooded the earth (the Noahic Flood) would be denied (2 Peter 3:5-6). There is a mass of fossil evidence to prove this fact, yet it is flatly ignored by most of the scientific world because it was judgment from God on man's wickedness.

15. - Increased interest in vegetarianism anticipated (1 Timothy 4:3-4). The New Age Movement has swept the globe during the past 40 years popularizing this.

16. - Many wars would erupt (Mark 13:7-8). According to Project Ploughshares, there are dozens of major armed conflicts in the world today.

17. - Ethnic conflicts would be prevalent (Mark 13:7-8; Luke 21:10). Jesus used the Greek word ethnos to describe the last days battles. Today, as never in history, we have ethnic group rising against ethnic group.

18. - The earth would be filled with violence (Luke 17:26; Genesis 6:11-13). In the United States alone, violent crime has increased nearly 500% since 1960. Fifty years ago abortion (the violent murder of an unborn child) was illegal in most countries. Today abortion is legal in most countries and 46 million children are aborted each year.

19. - Jesus foretold that there would be fearful sights (Luke 21:11). The Greek word translated fearful is phobetron, which can also be translated terror. According to the U.S. State Department, between 1981 and 2006, there were more than 38,000 international terrorist attacks.

20. - Multitudes would travel to and fro (Daniel 12:4). Prior to the Industrial Revolution, few individuals traveled beyond their own communities. Until recently, horse, foot, and boat were the only modes of transportation. Yet today we travel by car, bus, plane, train, subway, etc. Millions and millions are running to and fro just as Daniel prophesied 2500 years ago!

21. - Knowledge would increase (Daniel 12:4). Today we are witnessing an explosion of available knowledge. With the advent of the Internet, it is estimated that our cumulative knowledge is doubling every five years. This exponential increase is beyond what anyone could have imagined!

22. - Deadly diseases (which the Bible calls pestilences) would be common (Matthew 24:7; Revelation 6:8). Emerging diseases such as AIDS, ebola, Hanta virus, Dengue, West Nile, SARS, bird flu, etc., underscore this fact. Ironically, just a few decades ago, some scientists were forecasting that advances in medicine might soon eradicate deadly diseases.

23. - The final generation would be open to receiving a mark on their right hand or on their forehead (Revelation 13:16). Consider how the up and coming generation is tattooed, pierced and marked with all kinds of insignia. And today, for the first time in history, global tracking and marking technology is available.

24. - A global economic system would exist (Revelation 13:16-17). This was unthinkable in the apostle John's day. Yet today, globalists in every level of government are seeking to unite the world. Connecting the world monetarily is crucial to their goal.

25. - A man would control all banking and commerce (Revelation 13:16-18). Remember, this prophecy was penned 2000 years before our computer-driven society. Yet, until recently, you couldn't have even dreamed how a person could control all commerce.

26. - Famines would be common (Luke 21:11; Revelation 6:5-8). According to the United Nations, an estimated 854 million people went hungry in 2006.

27. - Great signs from heaven prophesied (Luke 21:11, 26). Unexplained sightings in the sky appear to be increasing. For instance, since 1947 UFO testimonies have exploded - terrifying many. Each year thousands of unidentified aerial sightings are reported.

28. - The sun would scorch the inhabitants of the earth (Revelation 16:8-9). In recent years, solar activity has intensified markedly. Though this prophecy is clearly a divine judgment on unrepentant mankind, a compromise in the earth's atmosphere due to nuclear war or other ecological disaster could facilitate this judgment.

29. - The nation Israel would be born in one day (Isaiah 66:8). On May 14, 1948 Israel became a nation.

30. - The Jews would begin to regather in Israel (Isaiah 11:11-12;Ezekiel 37:21-22; 38:8; Luke 21:29-31). Over five million Jews have returned to Israel in recent times! This is unprecedented in human history. Never has a people group been dispersed for hundreds of years to every corner of the globe, and then regathered back to their homeland. Yet, God said it and He has done it before our very eyes!

31. - Returning Jews would come from the north, south, east, and west (Isaiah 43:5-6; Jeremiah 31:7-10). Amazingly, nearly a million Jews have emigrated from Russia in the north. Over 100,000 Ethiopian Jews have emigrated from the south (Zephaniah 3:10). Since 1948, Jews have emigrated from Europe, Asia, the Americas, everywhere!

32. - During the diaspora (the dispersion of the Jews to the four corners of the globe), Israel would become a wasteland (Deuteronomy 29:23-28; Ezekiel 36:8-11; Ezekiel 36:33-36). During the past 1900 years Israel became a nearly uninhabited, desolate wasteland.

33. - Israel, once a desolate desert, would blossom in the last days and export produce to the world (Isaiah 27:6; 35:1-2;Ezekiel 36:34-36). Israel's increased rainfall and world-renowned irrigation technology have caused the land to blossom. Incredibly, as foretold, they currently export over 800 million dollars worth of fresh produce each year, including over 200 million in flowers and ornamental plants!

34. - Israel would prosper economically (Ezekiel 38:12-13). Amazingly, this recently regathered, often attacked, tiny nation exported over 42 billion dollars worth of goods in 2006. This was inconceivable a century ago! In contrast, their neighbor Jordan exported less than 5 billion in 2006.

35. - Israel would once again plant vineyards (Joel 3:18; Amos 9:13-15). Today, sweet wine flows from the Golan Heights and many other vineyards on the mountains of Israel.

36. - The last days Jews would plant forests of trees. The Bible even specifies the variety of trees, cedar, acacia, myrtle, oil, cypress, pine, and box (Isaiah 41:18-20). Since 1900 more than one billion trees have been planted in Israel! This has happened in our day after Israel lay barren for nearly two millennia.

37. - A pure language would be restored (Zephaniah 3:9). At the end of the 19th century the Zionist movement brought about the revival of Hebrew as a spoken language. In 1948, Hebrew became an official tongue of the state of Israel. Originally there was only one language (Genesis 11:1) and this pure speech will be restored (Isaiah 19:18). Interestingly, Hebrew has no swear words.

38. - Jerusalem would be rebuilt on its own ruins (Jeremiah 30:18;Zechariah 12:6). Since 1948, Jerusalem has been rebuilt on the old ruins exactly as foretold.

39. - Jerusalem would be trampled by Gentiles until the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled (Luke 21:24). Since 70 A.D., Jerusalem had been trampled by Gentiles until the Jews regained control of the city during the 1967 Six-Day War.

40. - Anti-Semitism worldwide anticipated (Deuteronomy 28:37;Jeremiah 29:18; 44:8; Luke 21:20-24; Revelation 12). History confirms that the Jews have been persecuted as no other people group. Hitler tried to exterminate them, and the Antichrist will attempt the same during the Tribulation. Today, anti-Semitism is a global epidemic. For example, of over 700 General Assembly resolutions passed since the establishment of the United Nations in 1945, nearly 450 condemn Israel. None have been passed against any Arab country nor any Arab terrorist organizations! In other words, out of 190 nations in the UN, over 60% of all General Assembly resolutions rebuke just one member, Israel!

41. - All surrounding nations would be united against Israel (Psalm 83:4-8; Zechariah 12:2). This hasnever happened in history. Yet today, Israel is surrounded by Muslim nations sworn to her destruction. Muhammad said: The Hour (last day) will not be established until you fight with the Jews, and the stone behind which a Jew will be hiding will say 'O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, so kill him.'" (Sahih Al-Bukhari, vol. 4, b. 52, Hadith # 177).

42. - Jerusalem would be a cup of trembling to all surrounding peoples (Zechariah 12:2). Jerusalem is a small city, with no natural resources, no port, insignificant manufacturing and industrial capability, yet its very existence causes the surrounding nations to shudder.

43. - Jerusalem would be a burdensome stone to all nations (Zechariah 12:3). Almost daily the world news reports on the conflict over Jerusalem. The United Nations, the Vatican, and many world leaders want to make it an international city. However, God says that the city is His and He has given it to the Jews forever (Genesis 15:18; Leviticus 25:23; 2 Chronicles 6:6). All who burden themselves with it will be "cut in pieces." Despite God's warning, UN resolution 476 flagrantly reiterates that Israel's claim to Jerusalem are null and void. As a result, most countries refuse to transfer their embassies to Jerusalem - Israel's capital.

44. - Israel would be invincible (Zechariah 12:6-9). Since 1948, tiny Israel has been attacked in three major wars and several lesser wars. Yet despite being vastly outnumbered, they have defeated all attacking foes. Even during the final battle, when it looks like Israel will be destroyed, the Lord shall deliver her (Jeremiah 30:3-7; Zechariah 14; Mark 13:14-20). An invincible Israel makes no sense unless you believe God's Word.

45. - Israel would be partitioned by all nations (Joel 3:2; Daniel 11:39). This is another unimaginable prophecy! In 1947, UN Resolution 181 planned the partitioning of Israel. Currently, the West Bank and Gaza have been seperated into Jewish and Palestinian settlements. Dividing Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria are also being negotiated today in order to create a Palestinian state.

46. - The Eastern Gate would remain closed until the Messiah returns. At Christ's Second Coming, He will enter Jerusalem through the now sealed Eastern Gate (Ezekiel 44:1-3). Today, as prophesied, the Eastern Gate remains sealed.

47. - The nation of Israel, which had been divided into two kingdoms since the time of Solomon (950B.C.) Israel in the north and Judah in the south would be one united nation in the last days (Ezekiel 37:15-22). And so it is, Israel is one nation.

48. - The returning Jews would have no king until Jesus returns (Hosea 3:4-5). As foretold, Israel has been without a king for over 2500 years. Amazingly, not only is Israel no longer a theocracy, but today the Jewish state is governed by a democracy comprised of multiple political parties.

49. - Rebuilt temple in Israel anticipated (Daniel 9:27; 12:11;Mark 13:14; 2 Thessalonians 2:4; Revelation 11:1-2). The prophet Daniel, Jesus, Paul, and John all refer to the temple in the last days. Therefore we know it must be rebuilt. Preparations by the Temple Institute are nearly complete!

50. - The temple sacrifices would be reinstituted in Israel in the last days (Daniel 9:27; 12:11). Daniel foresaw the Antichrist ending the daily sacrifices. Therefore, the Jewish sacrificial system must have first been restored in the last days. Currently, the Temple Institute has created the temple furniture, vessels, and priestly garments. There are also several hundred young Jewish men in training for the Levitical priesthood.

51. - A red heifer without blemish must be born and sacrificed to purify the temple in Israel (Numbers 19:2-9). The Temple Institute is actively seeking to acquire a kosher red heifer.

52. - Though Israel would be the focus of many fulfilled prophecies, most Jews would remain blind to the fact that Jesus is their Messiah until the very end (Luke 19:41-42; Luke 13:34-35;Romans 11:25-26).

53. - Ancient Petra (Sela the rock city) in Jordan would exist and become the refuge for the fleeing Jews during the Tribulation (Isaiah 16:1-4; Matthew 24:16; Revelation 12:6, 14). In 1994, Jordan and Israel signed a peace treaty making Petra a potential refuge for fleeing Jews.

54. - Russia (Magog) would rise as a military power and lead an attack on Israel (Ezekiel 38). Today, most of the southern states of the former Soviet Union are both military powerhouses and Muslim.

55. - Israel would dwell without walls prior to the invasion from the north (Ezekiel 38:8-11). As foretold, Israel now dwells "without walls" or bars or gates. Untill 1900, most Middle East cities and villiages were fortified. Yet modern weaponry (jets/missiles) can "ascend...covering the land like a cloud" making these barriers obsolete.

56. - Iran (Persia), Sudan (Cush), and Libya (Put) would also partake in this attack on Israel (Ezekiel 38). Anti-Semitism in the Islamic world is rampant. According to the Koran and Hadith, Muslims are commanded to fight and slay non-believers in Jihad (holy war) unless they convert to Islam (Surahs 9:5 and 47:4; vol. 1, b. 2, Hadith # 24 and 35).

57. - Turkey (Gomer) would also join in the attack on Israel (Ezekiel 38). In 2002, Turkey elected a pro-Islamic party to govern the country. In 2005, Hitler's anti-Semitic manifesto Mein Kampf became a bestseller in Turkey. In 2007, Turkey elected an Islamist president.

58. - Ironically, Egypt and Jordan would not participate in this attack (Ezekiel 38). Interestingly, these two nations have signed recent peace treaties with Israel. Egypt in 1979 and Jordan in 1994.

59. - Birds of prey would eat the dead flesh of the enemy armies that fall in battle against Israel (Ezekiel 39:4, 17; Revelation 19:17-21). It is a little known fact that Israel is the bird migration capital of the world. During the spring and fall migrations, billions of birds fly over Israel. Many of these migratory birds are raptors, carrion (dead flesh) eating birds of prey. In fact, 34 species of raptors migrate over Israel.

60. - The Euphrates River would be dried up (Revelation 16:12). Today, the massive Ataturk Dam in Turkey, completed in 1990, can hold back the Euphrates to a trickle.

61. - Asia (the kings from the east) would be capable of deploying a 200-million-man army duringearth's final days (Revelation 9:14-16; 16:12). Bear in mind, when John penned this prophecy 2000 years ago, there were only an estimated 170 to 400 million people on the entire planet. Yet today, according to the CIA, China alone has 281 million men fit for military service!

62. - Population explosion foreseen (Revelation 7:9, 14). The apostle John, who wrote the Book of Revelation, was told the number of an army in the last days - 200 million (Revelation 9:16). This was the approximate population of the world at that time. That John also beholds a great multitude which no one could number coming out of the Great Tribulation at the end of the age (Revelation 7:9, 14), indicates an enormous number of people on planet earth in the last days.

63. - The nations would bud (Luke 21:29-32). In Scripture, the tree is often used figuratively of a nation (Ezekiel 31:3-6; Daniel 4:20-22). Since 1945, more than 80 former colonies have gained their independence. Our generation has witnessed the end of the colonial era and the budding of the nations. Remarkable!

64. - Egypt would exist in the last days - but only as a "lowly Kingdom" (Ezekiel 29:14-16). Egypt was one of the world's greatest ancient civilizations. Yet today, as prophesied, Egypt remains - but only as a third world nation - which will "never again exalt itself above the nations" (v. 15). And while God's Word foretold of the demise of many other ancient people groups and kingdoms (which have long since vanished), Egypt remains!

65. - Great earthquakes in diverse places foreseen (Luke 21:11;Isaiah 24:19-20; Revelation 6:12-14;16:18-20). Seismic activity appears to be on the rise.

66. - Marriage would be forbidden by many (1 Timothy 4:3). The Bible states that marriage is honorable among all (Hebrews 13:4). Despite this, the Catholic Church forbids their 400,000 priests, 800,000 nuns and numerous bishops, cardinals, and monks from marrying. The Orthodox Church, as well as Hindus, Buddhists, and other religious groups also impose mandatory celibacy for certain orders.

67. - Deceptive signs and wonders would abound (Matthew 7:22-23; 24:24; 2 Thessalonians 2:9). The signs and wonders movement has swept the globe in recent years replacing the Word of God. Experiences that feed the senses in the name of Christ are drawing away millions.

68. - Men would be lovers of themselves (2 Timothy 3:1-2). This generation, like no other, regards self above all else. Self-love, self-esteem, self-reliance, self-gratification, are encouraged by the media, schools, psychologists, etc. In contrast, Jesus taught self-denial. Even many churches today preach a feel good about yourself message.

69. - Youth would become increasingly rebellious (2 Timothy 3:2-3; Mark 13:12). No comment necessary.

70. - Humanity would become increasingly materialistic and lovers of pleasure (2 Timothy 3:1-5). No generation in history has had so many means to entertain and arouse the senses. Every imaginable hedonistic pleasure is available and has become big business.

71. - Jesus said Christians would be hated for His name's sake (Luke 21:17; Revelation 6:9-11; 20:4). The banning of the Bible, prayer, the Ten Commandments, nativity scenes, Christmas songs, etc., reflects this trend. Also consider that more Christians were martyred during the past century than during all previous history.

72. - Homosexuality would be flaunted at the end of the age. Jesus warned that the last days would be like the days of Lot who lived in wicked Sodom (Luke 17:28-30). We know that the root of Sodom's sin was pride and complacency (Ezekiel 16:49) as it is today. However, Sodom's lasting infamy stemmed from their aggressive homosexual sin (Genesis 19; Jude 1:7). Today, the homosexual agenda is flaunted and forced upon our entire society.

73. - Substantial wealth and luxuries foreseen (James 5:1-3;Revelation 3:17; Revelation 18). It is interesting that 40 years ago some authorities predicted that the growing mass of humanity was so quickly depleting the world's resources, that many resources would be exhausted in a few decades. Yet today, vast material wealth and luxuries are in abundant supply just as the Bible anticipated 2000 years ago.

74. - In the last days, fallen angels would interact with mankind (1 Timothy 4:1; Luke 17:26; Genesis 6:1-4). There has been an explosion of ET/alien reports during the past 60 years. Studies indicate these entities behave more like demons than space travelers. They transcend the laws of physics, invoke fear, and deliver anti-Christian messages.

75. - Apostasy would occur just before the Antichrist is revealed (2 Thessalonians 2:3). Increasingly, experience-based "Christianity" is replacing the Bible as the standard for saving faith. The ecumenical movement is striving for unity at the expense of truth. Christ's exclusive claims are negated in the name of tolerance.

76. - There would be a move towards a one-world religion (Revelation 13:8, 12; Revelation 17). Today, as never before, we are witnessing religions joining hands in the name of peace and tolerance.

77. - Some would say that Christ is in the secret chambers or inner rooms in the last days (Matthew 24:26). According to the Catholic Church, Christ is in the inner rooms of hundreds of thousands of Catholic churches either in Eucharistic tabernacles or monstrances.

78. - Jesus also warned that this deception would be accompanied by great signs and wonders (Matthew 24:23-27). Currently, Eucharistic miracles are reported around the globe.

79. - A woman would call herself "queen" and head the global counterfeit church in the last days - proving herself an imposter (Revelation 17; 18:7). Tens of millions follow the apparition of Mary, who is regarded as the Mother of the Church, the Lady of All Nations, the Co-Redemptrix, and the Queen of Heaven and Earth.

80. - The woman would also represent a great city set on seven hills (Revelation 17:9, 18). The Queen of Heaven is considered the Mother of the Roman Catholic Church which has its headquarters (the Vatican) situated on seven hills. As the Catholic Encyclopedia states, It is within the city of Rome, called the city of seven hills, that the entire area of Vatican State proper is now confined.

81. - In the last days, this wicked woman would go out over the face of the whole earth. She would be associated with a global curse. Her final destination would be Babylon in the land of Shinar (Zechariah 5). Interestingly, the apparition of Mary claims that she will soon travel through the entire world saving those who look to her.

82. - Epidemic drug use foreseen (Revelation 9:21). The Greek word translated sorceries is pharmakeia which can also refer to drug use, both illegal drugs and mind-altering drugs. The use of illegal drugs and the dispensing of mind-altering drugs has risen sharply during our current generation.

83. - Sorceries referring to witchcraft, magic, or occult practices used to enchant and deceive are also anticipated in the last days (Revelation 9:21; 18:23; 21:8; Isaiah 47:9-15; Micah 5:10-15). Today, interest in the occult is flourishing.

84. - Preparations for a global war anticipated (Joel 3:9-14;Matthew 24:22; Revelation 16:14). Never in history have so many nations stockpiled weapons of mass destruction.

85. - Environmental devastation of the planet foreseen (Revelation 11:18). Our generation has done more to ravage the environment than any previous generation.

86. - There would be signs in the sun (Luke 21:25). In recent years there has been a massive increase in solar activity recorded. Still future paranormal events must yet occur (Revelation 13:13-14; 16:14).

87. - Many would call themselves the Christ (Matthew 24:5). Jesus was an itinerate preacher who never traveled outside the tiny nation of Israel and He had the audacity to say that many would come in His name, claiming to be the Christ. And yet today, multitudes within the New Age Movement, Eastern religions, and the cults call themselves the Christ. This is another incredible prophecy!

88. - God said that His name would be great among the nations (Malachi 1:11; Philippians 2:9-11). Jesus in Hebrew Jehoshuah - means Jehovah saves. As we begin the 3rd millennium, over two billion people profess to be Christians. Multitudes more regard Jesus as the greatest prophet and teacher ever. As foretold, no other name compares to the fame ascribed to Jesus Christ.

89. - Jesus prophesied that even after heaven and earth pass away, His words would never be forgotten (Luke 21:33). As we near the end of the age, we see that Christ's words remain as accurate, renowned, and relevant as they were 2000 years ago. Today, Bible societies alone distribute approximately 500 million Scripture portions or entire Bibles every single year.

90. - Despite the Bible's numerous warnings and last days prophecies, many people would be taken off guard when these events culminate (Luke 21:34-36; 1 Thessalonians 5:2-6). Take heed to yourselves!

91. - All true followers of Christ would suddenly vanish, raptured (caught up) by God to heaven (1 Thessalonians 4:15-17; 1 Corinthians 15:51-52). A false explanation will deceive the unsuspecting masses (2 Thessalonians 2:9-12). Today many apparitions, angels, ETs, channelers, and New Agers are offering a counterfeit explanation for this soon to take place event.

92. - During the Tribulation, innumerable multitudes from every nation would wake up and turn to the true Jesus of the Bible and be saved (Revelation 7:9-17; Daniel 12:10; Zechariah 2:11). See also: Acts 2:17-21). Today, the seeds of the gospel are being spread in every nation!

93. - Many from Egypt to Assyria (Iraq and the Middle East) would call upon the name of the Lord and be saved (Isaiah 19:16-25). The Lord is currently moving mightily to save souls throughout the Middle East. Whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved (Romans 10:13)!

94. - Some would depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons (1 Timothy 4:1). This generation has witnessed the explosion of "heavenly visitors" and false doctrines that are embraced by professing Christians even though their messages contradict the Word of God. Channeling, witchcraft, yoga, psychics, etc., have also gained in popularity though forbidden by God (Deuteronomy 18:10-12).

95. - People would reject the sound doctrine of the Word of God and follow the doctrines of men that appeal to their own lusts (2 Timothy 4:3-4; Acts 20:29-30). Others would confess faith in Christ, but not obey His Word (Matthew 24:48-51; Matthew 7:22-23).

96. - Many would forsake the Ten Commandments as a moral code: blaspheming, committing adultery, disobeying parents, stealing, lying, coveting, etc. (Matthew 24:12; Revelation 9:21).

97. - Idolatry would be pervasive (Revelation 9:20; 13:12-15;19:20; Micah 5:10-15; Zechariah 13:1-2). An idol is anything that competes for the attention due only to our Creator. Statues, images, charms, false gods, angels, apparitions, as well as possessions, position, pleasure, a person, self, and any created thing can all become idols (Romans 1:18-25).

98. - Blasphemy would be common (2 Timothy 3:2; Revelation 16:9, 11, 21). Consider how often people use their Creator's name (God, Lord, or Jesus Christ) as a curse word. What they have done is liken the One who is the source of every blessing (eyesight, sunsets, food, family, friends, etc.) to a four-letter curse word. Fifty years ago, Hollywood seldom used God's name in vain. Today, nearly every movie includes blasphemy.

99. - Sexual immorality would be rampant (Jude 18; Revelation 9:21). Keep in mind, Jesus said whoever looks to lust has already committed adultery in his heart (Matthew 5:28). Therefore, God equates Internet porn, lustful movies, TV shows, and magazines to fornication. The availability and consumption of sensual products has exploded in our generation.

100. - Men would sear their conscience so they could continuein sin (1 Timothy 4:2). The conscience is where God reveals right and wrong. Con means with and science means knowledge. Therefore we sin with knowledge when we ignore God's moral law and violate our own conscience.

101. - Men would mock the warning signs of the end of the age saying, These signs have always been around (2 Peter 3:3-4). The Bible even reveals their motivation - they love lust.

There are many more last days prophecies (several too detailed for this brief list). However these 101 demonstrate that the Bible is the inspired Word of God. It is true that some of these signs have been around for millennia, but only our generation has witnessed the coming together of every one of these events. Contrast the Bible's 100% track record with other self-proclaimed prophetic sources and there is no comparison. The false prophets typically repackage and plagiarize the Bible's prophecies for the unsuspecting masses, or they make so many vague prophecies that one is bound to be fulfilled. Nostradamus did both.

Jesus also said that some men would be gripped with fear when these signs occur (Luke 21:26), while others would look up with hopeful expectation (Luke 21:28). Which camp do you fall into? If you're fearful, there is good news and bad news. The bad news is that God will judge every man who breaks even one of His laws. Have you ever blasphemed your Creator's name, Lied (white lies and fibs count)? Stolen (cheating on a test or taxes is stealing)? Looked with lust? If you have answered yes to these questions, then by your own admission, you are a blaspheming, lying, thieving, adulterer at heart. And we have only looked at four of the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20).

That's how God sees you. Keep in mind, God sees every secret sin of your past as if it just occurred. Nothing is hidden from His holy eyes. Also remember that Jesus rebuked the pious religious leaders of His day because, though they appeared good on the outside, inside they were prideful hypocrites. They were trusting in their own goodness, but the Lord saw their hearts. No matter how upright we may appear on the surface, all of us have broken God's holy commandments and need the Savior. Please listen to your conscience. You know you are guilty, and should justly end up in hell. That's not God's will. In fact, God is longsuffering toward us, not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance (2 Peter 3:9).
Name: Bishop Greg Stevenson
Email: gsteve5550@aol.com
URL: https://www.forthepeaceofjerusalem.com
Shalom brother Jack
Grace and peace be to you and your family. I came across your web site and agree completely with your Statement of Faith and that America is Babylon the Great, but I would have to say that I see things a little different than you concerning your time-line of Daniel's Seventieth week. Of course I realize that the Bible is 100% right on the amount of days that are used for the last 7 year tribulation. I believe that we have been in the last 31/2 years or the Great tribulation since April 11, 2012 and that the Lord will rapture the Church on Rosh Hasanah next year, which falls on September 25, 2014 and that the Second Coming of Christ will be on Yom Kippur 2015. I think anyone would be hard pressed to convince anyone in some of the Middle East countries that they are not in great tribulations now. I realize that certain events still must take place, but they could happen quickly. President Obama fits the bill for the Anti Christ better than any in the past, actually he fits perfectly. Maybe you could give some comments on my personal e-mail gsteve5550@aol.com . My time-line is on the Jerusalem web site. www.forthepeaceofjerusalem.com
Name: Jackie ONeil
Email: aries71_2001@yahoo.com
URL: http://www.mysentimentaljourney.net/
It appears we have been going around in circles forever, why can't we just straighten out our life and continue on the straight and narrow, meanwhile loving our neighbors and treating them right, learning the art of love, honesty, compassion, and all that good stuff we learned at our Grandfathers knee when we were growing up. Grateful for the lessons of learning, thanks.
Name: Clayton Thurman
Email: cthurman001@centurytel.net
Greetings Bros.and Sisters in The Lord,
I read a alarming message yesterday. It is on Rapture Ready.com Nov.6/13 news.Click on news and go back to Nov 6 and you will find it. It states that China is planning an attack on the west nuclear that will kill 12 million instantly. People this is very serious. No comment on the news or from the white house. It is telling me that Rev 18 may be fulfilled against America soon. If this were to happen America will fall and the entire world economy also. The rise of the anti-christ would be next. Rev 3 vs 10 is a promise and I am looking for Jesus to come soon and get His people. The new world order's plan could be to take America down and I wouldn't doubt obama and his new world order bunch isn't in on it.
Also Russia is wanting a naval base in Egypt. Russia has a mighty fleet of ships and troops over there. What's next folks????????????????????
It's no use of having any fear for what is going on. God is in control of His children and He will take care of us. Fear not.

The End Time Ministry
Luke 18:8
The Servant OF The Lord
BRO. Clayton Thurman

ps There is so much going on at one time it's hard to keep up with it. satan knows that he has only a short time left now.
Name: Elzada ONeil
Email: aries71_2001@yahoo.com
URL: http://www.mysentimentaljourney.net/
I have your website with me for quite awhile now and I finally get it, call it the wisdom of aging, maybe or just realizing who I really am. Thank you so much for all for all your spiritual and worldly wisdom which is like a warm breeze or a cool breeze whatever the season that sweeps over me letting me know everything it truly all right and that I am on the right path forever. My belief has always been with Jesus, but we have had moments when we but heads in opposition, today know what that is, it is called growing up and grow up I did. I truly thankful this website stayed with me for I really need it now and that is where I live day by day. Blessings to all and love and light forever. Love Elzada (Jackie) ONeil
Name: Malcolm Fenton
Email: malcoolum@gmail.com
It is not often obvious, but music - especially "rock" music, has a deeply spiritual side to it. Because we live in a fallen world the music of the world reflects this fact. E.g. you don't have to be the sharpest tool in the shed to figure out the deity being exalted in the song "Luci in the sky with diamonds" (Ezekial 28:13)but it takes a tad more understanding to realize that Don McLean is referring to the rapture when he sings "the three men I admire the most, caught the last train for the coast the day the music died". In fact Don let his guard slip once in a TV interview and admitted "the song (U.S Pie) is a warning to America about what happens when the spirit leaves".
I would like to thank Jack for expressing the plain simple truth on this website and looking forward to catching up with him at the wedding feast not many days from now.
Name: Mickey Theade
Email: mickeytheade@gmail.com
URL: http://jesus-talks.com/blogs/blog1.php
Clifford Quote: ""The US army DOES conquer what citizens are left over, but many escape. So where are YOU going to be??!! ""

I will be at The Marriage Supper of The Lamb. The Great Tribulation is not for The Church it is for The Jews who Tortured and Murdered our Savior. 2/3rds of The Jews will die before they actively as a Nation petition for Jesus to Return. The Rapture is for The Marriage Supper of The Lamb when Jesus claims His most beloved treasure, His Bride The Church. If you don't believe in a Pre-Trib Rapture, then you DO NOT understand the LOVE That Jesus has for His Church. Can you think of ONE PERSON that would let His Most Prized possession, his Bride to be, go through the most terrible time in The History of The Planet? I wouldn't, You wouldn't and Jesus Surely won't either.

Name: Clifford Catton
Email: apostlecg@worthymail.com
Got your e-mail & just reviewed your netpages. I'm afraid you are wrong! The US IS Babylon, but so is any nation that exalts sin. Those Bible verses do refer to the US but only in a parallel way.
It is obvious Babylon is Rome AND Jerusalem because they have rejected Jesus the Messiah & killed
His people. The US DOEs win its war against the Russian alliance, BUT there isn't much left to do
anything but defend the land that is free from WMD toxins. The Roman army DOES conquer the US, but
leaving some pockets. The US army DOES conquer what citizens are left over, but many escape. So
where are YOU going to be??!! Places of safety & forts, I estimate of resistence of 1-2 years; the
rest are exceptions. Just when the romans think they are winning rebellions defeat them & the toes
of Dan.2:33-35 crumble. This is the last year of Rome & GOD's vengeance.
Name: Charles Flippo
Email: charlesdora1@bellsouth.net
URL: thechurchofgodcanaan.com
Great articles dealing with end-time
Name: annita
Email: rannita78@yahoo.com
I love hearing and reading your outlook on the Bible
Name: Clayton Thurman
Email: cthurman001@centurytel.net
Yes it is a battle and I'M tired of it also. All of the saints of God are tired of the battle. satan desires to wear out the saints of God. Jesus told us to endure unto the end,and in our patience we possess our soul. Keep on praying and read the word and it will give you peace. Go to GOD and tell Him what you need and let Him supply your need according to His will. Keep the faith and look for Him Jesus is going to come as a thief in the night. It won't take long to remove us from here. It's at the door. The victory that we've been looking for is at hand. The devil that is causing all of these problems will loose. Praise God for the victory and Jesus coming soon. The world don't know but the righteous does know. Dan-chapter 12.

Be blessed. Clayton
Name: Mickey Theade
Email: mickeytheade@gmail.com
URL: http://jesus-talks.com/blogs/blog1.php
Clayton, I am looking forward to The Marriage Supper of The Lamb/Rapture of The Church. I am tired of this World and The Battle. Bless you Jack for hanging in this long. The prize is now insight. Peace Deal and Temple Rebuild and Rapture are all close together in Time. I am ready.

Name: Clayton Thurman
Email: cthurman001@centurytel.net
Hello Mickey,

Just wanted to tell you that we will have a great time in heaven for ever. I do believe that you will make it in,for you can't take a stand for God and love Him unless you're saved. I do believe that you love God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit which makes you saved. Don't let you heart be troubled. You're right about going home to be with Jesus it is at the very door. He will come for us!!!!!!!!!! He loves us very much!!!!!!! I sing a song Still Holding On I know I will never let Him go!!!!!!!

The End Time
Luke 18:8
The Servant Of The Lord
Bro. Clayton
Name: Mickey Theade
Email: mickeytheade@gmail.com
URL: http://conspiracyhub.com/membershares.php?it=41
Thanks for your comment Clayton, I said this was controversial and I am still trying to figure it all out. Jesus also said He has not lost one that the the Father has given him. I will see you at the Marriage Supper of The Lamb Clayton.
Hurry Jesus, your bride grows Anxious.

PS. I could use some Prayers for Housing.
Name: Clayton Thurman
Email: cthurman001@centurytel.net
Greetings Christian's,
Hello Mickey, wanted to respond to your question's. You asked a question dosen't that make that passage a lie. No it dosen't because you can't be in the Lamb Book of Life unless your saved. What is a lie is to believe that once your saved/ always saved. The passage in Rev 22-18,19 alone proves that. If you believe in the word of God KJV then read and the Lord will explain it to you. The word means exactly what it says unless took out of context. The scripture states that when you're in the Lambs Book of life and then your removed out of it then your lost. What does it take to understand this. What's hard is to say your wrong about a belief even though it's explained word for word out of the bible. Remember that God hasn't ever lied about anything to anyone at anytime. Only satan the deceiver is the liar.
Jesus said in the new testament endure unto the end and the same shall be saved. He didn't put in the bible at any time once saved always saved. When Jesus said you'll never perish that's correct. People will spend eternity in the next life spiritually in hell or heaven.
In the statement no man can take you out of my hand. You have the God given right to accept Jesus and to reject Jesus. Once you've accepted Jesus as your personal saviour then you can at your on free will reject Him at your decision to do so. God isn't a dictator. He want make you serve Him. The free will of man God will not tamper with. It's always choice to serve Him or not. Your choice.
In 2nd Peter- 2 vs 15-22. In 15 it states Which have forsaken the right way, and are gone astray, following the way of Balaam the son of Bosor who loved the wages of unrighteousness;20- For if after they escaped the pollutions of the world through the knowledge of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ they are entangled there in and overcome the latter end is worse with them than the beginning, 21- For it had been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness than after they have known it, to turn from the Holy Commandment delivered unto them. 22- The dog is turned to his own vomit again.
So then I say read the bible from the front cover to the end and asked God and the Holy Spirit to explain it to you. Read 1st John 2 vs 27 for guidance. Also the bible is taken out of context regularly to benefit them selves from the people. The lie today of satan comes in many forms and doctrines that God dosen't have anything to do with them. Remember you can believe what you want to, God want make you believe a lie, only you do that because of free will to do so. If it's in the bible I believe it, if it's something man has made up I don't believe unless it's lines up with scripture perfect. The scriptures never double cross God.

Well I hope this has helped.

The End Time Ministry
Luke 18:8
The Servant Of The Lord
Bro. Clayton Thurman

PS: They have been talking about building the temple back. That is one of the last days signs to come to pass. That is what the anti-christ will stand in the temple declaring himself to be God at that near to come to pass time. God Bless
Name: Mickey Theade
Email: mickeytheade@gmail.com
URL: http://conspiracyhub.com/membershares.php?it=41
Clayton you picked a tough topic and there are good points on both sides of this topic. Being as I am not a scholar I have to use common sense to figure out a lot of this stuff.

"Your Quote: It is clear in this passage that if your in the book of life you have been born again and that you've been saved. Then if your name is took out of the book of Life your not saved anymore."

Question: If I am born again and Saved. Then my name is removed from The Lambs Book. I was never saved to begin with. Doesn't that make that passage a lie?

If our salvation is not secure, how could Jesus say about those to whom He gives eternal life, "they shall never perish"?

And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand. My Father, which gave them me, is greater than all; and no man is able to pluck them out of my Fathers hand.
John 10:28-29

"They shall never perish." His is not a probationary life. "No man can pluck them out of My hand." There could not be a stronger statement.

Notice that you are in good hands: both of them. There are two hands involved: "my hand" (v.28) and "my Fathers hand" (v.29). The "eternal fist" of the Father and the Son.

Just curious to see how you would answer this.

The Marriage Supper of The Lamb will be here very soon. You are all invited. Don't pass up your invitation.