Upset with society the early 2008, I withdrew from the world. For many years I have kept to the grindstone, kept to my own trade, and focused on perfecting my skills. I quit following the news. I have no television or paper coming to my house. The famine still hit. I was out of work for nine months. Now I work for the go,v but I pass by ads and tv’s in the malls that do not reflect my values. Sometimes when the news comes on the TV my blood boils. I feel as though I went to sleep in my own comfortable house, and awoke in a foreign land. Then I was in Christendom, now I am in Babylon. I realized this today when I passed by a magazine dedicated to demonstrate the strength and might of the WT Charlie. Here Christians and patriots are foreigners. Ideals like liberty, justice, pursuit of happiness have been pushed away for security and innovation. Free speech is traded for conformity. Privacy for transparency. Self defense for order. Bravery for fear of terrorists. What happened? I am reaching out to anyone in Ech_o Big Canoe Peopoles area that might feel the same. If you don’t know what that is e-mail me.