Shalom brother Jack
Grace and peace be to you and your family. I came across your web site and agree completely with your Statement of Faith and that America is Babylon the Great, but I would have to say that I see things a little different than you concerning your time-line of Daniel’s Seventieth week. Of course I realize that the Bible is 100% right on the amount of days that are used for the last 7 year tribulation. I believe that we have been in the last 31/2 years or the Great tribulation since April 11, 2012 and that the Lord will rapture the Church on Rosh Hasanah next year, which falls on September 25, 2014 and that the Second Coming of Christ will be on Yom Kippur 2015. I think anyone would be hard pressed to convince anyone in some of the Middle East countries that they are not in great tribulations now. I realize that certain events still must take place, but they could happen quickly. President Obama fits the bill for the Anti Christ better than any in the past, actually he fits perfectly. Maybe you could give some comments on my personal e-mail . My time-line is on the Jerusalem web site.