Confirmation. . . .
I’ve only read 2 of your articles so far, and those within the last 24 hours.
A little about me. I was “saved” at 7 or 8 years of age in a baptist church my mother had taken me to since birth. Fun camps, fun VBS, fun outings, etc. However, even at this young age, I saw serious behavior issues in all ages that made me think it was like going to a movie; take it or leave it. My mother would come to my bedroom door and say “David, get up and get ready for church.” I would, even though she saw my growing lack of interest. When I was 14, she said “David, do you want to go to church?” I said no, and she never asked again.
Fast forward. After living in alcohol, drugs, sex, etc for decades, He opened my eyes in 2003. After going to “church” for a few months, I said to my friends one night, “All I’ve read in the Word so far leads me to believe that a true follower of Christ is being led to full-time ministry.” Most laughed at me. I have been refined further since that statement, and know full well that what God desires is for us to live a lifestyle of “Worship”, not just ministry.
I’ve been teaching at the Tulsa County Jail for 2 1/2 years now, and the revelations He has brought to me have been devine experience upon divine experience. In the knowledge that the Word was not given to the world, but to the church, 2 statements of Jesus scare me to death. (1) . . .few will find it. & (2) . . .depart from Me, I never knew you.
It brings me great joy in the Spirit to know there are other people who refuse to accept the doctrines of the loudest voices, and that even if we live to 1,000 years of age, we will never come to the END of understanding God’s heart. I thank Him continually that He’s invited me to explore the depths of Him right here & right now. How can there be any other understanding of being led by the Spirit??
Keep writing. I’ll keep reading.

In battle with you, Sword of the Spirit in hand and heart.

Chaplain David Kelley