I greet you in Yashua’s Name: that is correct, I am too a former Messianic Jewish Congregation man of God. I was born again at the age of 10, water baptized about a year later, I became a Member of a local Baptist Church, and grew up there, but I heard things and saw things that I could not agree with and also I saw no stablizing life there, so after High School and I was a loner-even in Church, I had felt that was something else that no one was telling about-something greater than all that I was taught, the Word was yes, but there were other things. I felt led to go on a Spiritual Journey that led me to receiving The Lord’s Spirt in fulness, then it was not just in the head anymore, it went to my heart. I am not purfect, I have done things that are not good in the past. But He has forgiven me. Now, I would like to share that sometime ago-like 10 years ago, I had decided to find out what I called to do, and so friends told me about a on-line program called United Christian Faith Ministries and they have a Decipleship studies, that once one is done with that, one becomes a Ordained Minister. And so I decided to become a Chaplain in Civil War Regiment-reenactor-then I went to Albany, N.Y. and there I met a man from New York City area, and he told me about The United States Corps of Chaplains, which now I am also apart of. Presently I am a LTC in this organization and also I am an a Executive Officer for the Eastern Division-comprized of Eastern States. Now agree with you on the fact the Church has ursuped the position of Israel, when it does belong to them, but again, this is man’s doings not the Lord, and I am also an Intercessor and I pray for the peace of Jerusalem and Israel all the time, for I also know what is going, but not to extend you do, but I do believe we are on the same page here.
Now, I have never served in the Armed Forces, but I do know what it is to come up from Private to now Captain on the field. Wow, what a testimony here, and what you have witnessed in the U.S. Army.