As you know the anti-christ spirit is well on it’s way of moving hard against God and His son Jesus.Just look at the US and all that it’s people has done to move away from God and think to change God’s word into a lie. They hold the truth in unrighteousness. The people of the world don’t want God in their lives because HE will change their way of living and that would bring to pass no sin and no pleasure in sin. Their wickedness is getting more wicked everyday. People love the pleasure’s of sin rather than loving God. The world hates God and Jesus. I love GOD. I love God’s Holy Word and what it says. The word tells me how to live and when I obey God’s word God blesses me. I’m thankful that I will not be living on this earth when the wrath of God will begin to really fall. I’m looking for that city that Abraham was looking for that wasn’t built by a man’s hand but by GOD. The people that love sin more and the pleasures of sin will perish. They have all been warned and the end of time is at hand. I have people that are lost and I’ve witnessed to them but they tell me not to force God down their throat. God spoke to me and told me not to cast my pearls before swine. I have obeyed. You just have to pray for them and hope that the Holy Spirit will deal with them. These people that are lost are blind and can’t even see where they’re going. The spirit of God will not always strive with man. So we can see the devil is hard at work and he know’s his time is short now. Jesus will be come and gone in a twinkling of an eye and all the lost will be left behind very soon. Aren’t you glad and excited about the return of Jesus to take us off of this ungodly earth and we will be with the Lord forever and forever. That’s something to be looking forward to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The End Time Ministry
Luke 18:8
Bro. Clayton Thurman
See you in heaven saints of God