Greetings Bro. Jack,
Into days world we live in we can see with the spirit of God helping us to see what is going on in an ungodly America and World. A changing to worse and worse and times getting wickeder by the day. For instance in the headlines this week we can read about how obama’a agenda to throw out of the armed services if a soldier is a christian and he or she discusses Jesus Christ with a lost person trying to win them to Jesus. The bible is the truth and there is no other, 1611 text KJV. There is so much that is going on it’s scary to watch. The downfall of a nation and the entire world. satan’s agenda to bring into focus and to come to pass the ushering in the anti-christ and the new one world religion and the false prophet. To bring into the world the mark of the beast 666. All of this is happening now. In our school’s around the world and America the agenda of stealing the children and their minds through c scope and planned parent hood is happen now. They will teach your children things to turn on you as a parent. The agenda is communist agenda and the hatred of God and to teach your children rebellion. Jesus told of how your children would turn on the parents and the parents on the children. In the book of Daniel it tells about how the anti-christ will think to change times and the laws of God. obama is a very evil man and his agenda is to obey the devil and his will to be done. Some blinded people has the gall to call him a christian. He’s as false as they come. No christian will never tell another one not to tell the lost about Jesus Christ who is the saviour of the world. This nation and the world will be turned into hell. Ps. 9 vs 17. Read it. Study your bible and know the truth and it will set you free. Jesus will come back to get His few people that are looking for Him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So pray folks. Get ready for the end of TIME is very near.

Bro. Clayton Thurman