Greetings Bros.and Sisters in The Lord,
I read a alarming message yesterday. It is on Rapture Nov.6/13 news.Click on news and go back to Nov 6 and you will find it. It states that China is planning an attack on the west nuclear that will kill 12 million instantly. People this is very serious. No comment on the news or from the white house. It is telling me that Rev 18 may be fulfilled against America soon. If this were to happen America will fall and the entire world economy also. The rise of the anti-christ would be next. Rev 3 vs 10 is a promise and I am looking for Jesus to come soon and get His people. The new world order’s plan could be to take America down and I wouldn’t doubt obama and his new world order bunch isn’t in on it.
Also Russia is wanting a naval base in Egypt. Russia has a mighty fleet of ships and troops over there. What’s next folks????????????????????
It’s no use of having any fear for what is going on. God is in control of His children and He will take care of us. Fear not.

The End Time Ministry
Luke 18:8
The Servant OF The Lord
BRO. Clayton Thurman

ps There is so much going on at one time it’s hard to keep up with it. satan knows that he has only a short time left now