Greetings Fellow Christians,
Happy holidays and thanksgivings. Well on 11/19/10 there was a missile shot 35 miles off the Calif coast by China. Right after that North Korea attacked South Korea island in an act of war. Prior to that North Korea about two months before all of this happened had met with China to inform them that Kim’s son would be taking over as the dictator of North Korea. In that meeting it was confirmed that the North would start a war with the South. Their intentions are to take over the whole region. How do I know this? God told me. I knew that when the North had that meeting with China it was to get an o.k. to attack the South.That is my belief. China says they are neutral but they’re allies to the North.
The missile that China shot from 35 miles out is a very serious threat to the U.S. I believe that they will nuke America to gain control of our nation. I might be wrong but they are brave enough to fire a test missile off our coast I believe that’s an indicator for the future for America. God will allow things to happen to America because of their refusal to repent and put God back in the govt. To stop all the evil that is going on in America and our govt. Judgement is coming. The fall of babylon is coming to America. I preached it 25 years ago and no one believed then and they still don’t. I was telling people that the coming of Jesus was near. It is now at the door. Well I ask ya’ll to pray for me and we should pray for Israel.

The End Time Ministry
Luke 18:8
God Bless/Saints of God