That is what they said about Noah when he was called to warn the world and all of their wickedness to repent or perish. So all you atheist that think that were nuts remember the rich man that died and lifted up his eyes in hell.That is your future and the rest of the wicked world that will not repent. When the wrath of God falls upon you and your family if you have one, remember this warning to you and all like you. Repent and ask Jesus into your heart and change your wicked ways. That is the only true statement you’ll hear. Jesus is the answer and His Holy Bible. I know you’ve already made your choice and the rest that is lost and undone without God. You think that all these disaster’s that is coming up on the world is a normal thing and everything will be alright. Well it’s the last days upon earth and they will get worse and worse. When they come upon you you will cry out and God will not hear you. Because you and the world rejected God and His son Jesus. You’ll remember this writing for eternity if you’re not saved. In hell.

The Servant Of The Lord
Clayton Thurman
The End Time Ministry