Greetings to all,
Just wanted to tell if you don’t know. Mr.Joel Osteen so called preacher,makes statement to Oprah, homosexuality is sin but gay people will get into heaven. The only people that will make it into heaven is the ones that are born again. This man don’t know what God’s Holy Word say’s. If he were a true man of God he would never say such a blasphemy statement against God and what the bible says about it in Roman’s chapter 1. This is what is wrong with a lying preacher that isn’t working for God but for his on agenda and that is money and power. He’s helping to send potential people to hell by not telling the truth about the abomination against God. Also misleading his people into hell with lies and not the truth about what God’s bible says.
We were warned about it by Jesus and the new testament, they will not endure sound doctrine in the last days. This is the case in which we live now.
Were now into or heading into the 64th year of the generation of which Israel was born as a nation in 1948. Is it the generation that Jesus said this generation will not pass. If so then what’s next. Saints of God your living in the most exciting time of the decade. The rapture of the saints. I’m excited about going home at some point and time to be with Jesus and the saint’s of God forever and all that He has in store for us because Jesus really loves us. He told us the truth through His word of God. These so called preachers that don’t tell the truth about what the bible says is a liar and they don’t love us. If your saved today that is the best thing that could ever happen to you. If you’re not then repent and ask Jesus into your heart and you’ll be changed for ever and also be blessed. Simply believe and not doubt God. Saints being a christian isn’t easy. But it’s the right road to travel on because it will bring you to your permanent home. Keep up and keep your eyes on Israel and pray for the Israell’s to be saved and love them. Remember what Jesus said the day He died on the cross. Father forgive them for they know what they do.
I pray for all the lost of this world to be saved. Jesus said He willed no one to perish, they have a choice even right now. satan and his world hates us and also everyone in the world to do us harm. So wake up folks and saints and pray like you have never prayed before for you lost families to be saved. The last battle is on and prayer is a powerful weapon against satan and his devils that are here. I say pray also for me and my wife and our ministry. Were under constant bombardment from satan and his devils through the air. Pray for each other and remember what Jesus said, endure until your end comes.

The End Time Ministry
Luke 18:8
The Servant Of The Lord
Bro. Clayton

Look up for our redemption draweth nigh!