Just found out on Rapture Ready.com that 600 churches in England has changed the Ten Commandments and I had heard that the catholic’s were going to change them also. Well the word of God has already been changing by these changed bibles that are coming on the scene. Well what the bible say’s not to do is being done. Duet.4 vs 2 and Rev.22 vs 18,19 are very clear on their meaning. Who thinks that they are worthy enough to change God’s Holy Word and change God’s message to the world. Times are really changing fast now in these last days before Jesus returns and rapture’s out what few people are really looking for Him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1ST John is very clear 2 vs 27 about who you can trust to teach you what the word of God means.
Well saints of God this message should stir you some what, for it is a very serious thing to change God’s Holy Word.

Bro Clayton