Got your e-mail & just reviewed your netpages. I’m afraid you are wrong! The US IS Babylon, but so is any nation that exalts sin. Those Bible verses do refer to the US but only in a parallel way.
It is obvious Babylon is Rome AND Jerusalem because they have rejected Jesus the Messiah & killed
His people. The US DOEs win its war against the Russian alliance, BUT there isn’t much left to do
anything but defend the land that is free from WMD toxins. The Roman army DOES conquer the US, but
leaving some pockets. The US army DOES conquer what citizens are left over, but many escape. So
where are YOU going to be??!! Places of safety & forts, I estimate of resistence of 1-2 years; the
rest are exceptions. Just when the romans think they are winning rebellions defeat them & the toes
of Dan.2:33-35 crumble. This is the last year of Rome & GOD’s vengeance.