Dear Jack…… response to your “About the Author” statement.

If people only realized that ALL creation has the same Father God Almighty who says “I AM ALL THAT IS!?! and HE breathes into every living thing.

It’s not that complicated.

We thank God for blessing and gracing your family. Amen,Amen&Amen


P.S. If it wasn’t for the nation of ISRAEL there wouldn’t be Christianity … or any of us for that matter …. JESUS SAVES!!! OH and another thing all people/nations should realize. If it wasn’t for Hymon (sp?)Solomon (investment banker in Philadelphia) who got millions of dollars together from all over the world and handed it to George Washington to buy arms, boots, food etc in the middle of winter (the men were starving and freezing to death), there wouldn’t be a United States of America to live and prosper in…..and to also mention that if it wasn’t for President Nixon, in his worst moment when Goldie Miha (sp?) called him on the red phone and asked for money,( because NO NATION or PEOPLE would give her a dime), (I believe it was the 6-day war?)
President Nixon said YES…….Where would we all be if Mary, Mother of Jesus said no.?

Please people listen up. Time is truly awastin’ Say YES to God and each other with LOVE and PEACE and FORGIVENESS for yourself and others. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. Do the right thing…….that’s where true LOVE resides.

I hope you forgive the quick response and any error’s here….it was on the fly .

Thank you!