Most Vietnam Veterans don’t know the truth about the Vietnam War,howsoever, The Pentagon Papers and US Imperialism in South East Asia [by Dr Noam Chomsky] sums it up in about one word or so: Hysteria/the domino effect.

As an unwitting participant of this fracas (two separate tours of duty) I returned to the world no longer knowing right from wrong and imposed an evil will upon so many others.

When I left for war I was a good lad with deep principles and values to guide me, alas, I experienced a change…yet even now saved, I suffer greatly from regret. Through the blood of Jesus on Calvary’s cross I have been spared damnation, but sadly I cannot repair the damage I’ve done. I try to pray daily and feel the hand of Jesus on my shoulder, but I still have to live with the shame.

This is the price I pay for repentance.

May God forgive me in all things, guide my way, and save my soul, as I am truly a repentant man