Dear Brother Jack,

Just found your website this morning. Read your letter for January 1, 2011.

Welcome home! I was there from Feb, ’71 to Feb., ’72, Phoenix program, US Army.

Born again when I was a youngster, I fell away until our Gracious Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ had mercy on me and delivered me from the prison that satan had locked me in for many years (1980 ). A classical prodical son!

I know what you are saying by the pull the devil exerts to draw us back into the world of darkness that is his kingdom. We must remember Lot’s wife!

My wife and I have found our strength in our Lord by reading His Word, intercessory prayer, posting on Christian message boards and keeping up our prophetic website.

Occupy until He comes! I see that you are and that you really love our Lord Jesus!

Will explore your site further in time. Jesus is coming for us soon, brother.

I don’t know if you are pre,mid or post but I can tell you what Jesus showed me thirty years ago when He saved my soul:

  1. Economic collapse
  2. Judgment of Babylon the Great
  3. The Rapture (Revelation 18:23)

Your brother,

David Campbell