Beloved Brother Jack,
I was greatly blessed by your testimony. What an AWESOME GOD we serve. How lovingly He rescued us from “ourselves” and delivered us from the wrong thoughts which were implanted by the enemy of our soul. We could have never brought ourselves to faith in Him, but it was through the Holy Spirit that we saw the LIGHT. AMEN!!

No matter where we go through. He is always right beside us and undergirds us in the most difficult times of our life, I speak from personal experience. Death has been a few times too close for comfort, but my voice was heard even before I cried out. These are the things of this earthly life and the Father is teaching us to endure until the end.

Awaiting those who put their trust in Him is His outstretched Hand, and He will say: “Come in and enter into the joy of the Lord, My faithful servant.” AMEN and AMEN. GLORY, HALLELUJAH!
In His love.
Sister Trudy