What happened to THE FAITH that was once delivered to the Saints? This is not an opinion–most “churches” now teach a ‘works based repentance’ in place of faith alone in the shed blood of the Son of God. No amount of abandoning your sin (repentance from sin) can be added to the simple plan of salvation by faith in Jesus Christ. Sinners are lost and have no ability to merit even a hearing before God! We are DEAD, WITHOUT STRENGTH, SINNERS, LOST, TRESPASSERS, TRANSGRESSORS, FILTHY, CORRUPT and many other things God says about us in His Word. Unless you come for HIS MERCY you have no right of forgiveness. It is neither clever, or spiritual to attempt to slip WORKS into God’s redemptive formula. The Law bringeth WRATH. So all you Lordship salvation types, calivinist (dare I even mention calvin’s filthy, vile person!) God have mercy on you.