Dear Tim, Your Grandma and I are still being choked up by the emotions of love stirred up within us by your letter. The fact that you posted it on our website for all the world to see and read, tells me that the Holy Spirit is giving you confidence that Jesus Christ is not somebody to be ashamed of, for he is the Son of God and returning King of kings. We remember when you and your brothers, Tony and Thomas, sat in our kitchen when you were around twelve or thirteen years old, as we talked about Jesus and eternal life. We talked about the foundational truths we must confess from our hearts and mind that make us followers of Jesus. Among them were his being fully God and yet fully man when he came to offer his human life and blood as an atonement for our sins, for we all were born with a sin nature that operates in fear, pride, lusts, deceit, and hatred. The one foundational truth that must added to the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ is his glorious bodily resurrection on the third day, and his awesome ascension into the heavens in the sight of his disciples. These fortunate men heard him say as he lifted off the earth that he would return in like manner at the end of the age. We are in these end times, my grandson, and our Lord has answered your grandmother’s prayers for you. The tragedy of losing your best friend, has opened your heart and mind with an honesty that I rarely see among Christians today. It is refreshing to say the least, and you should know that my heart has been lifted by your words. Your cry for truth and understanding is being spoken to your heart by the Holy Spirit. That day years ago in our kitchen all three of you prayed and asked the Lord to forgive you and enter into your hearts. Only you know if that happened by faith or not. But in any case today is the day you should re-confirm that prayer and ask the Lord Jesus to confirm in you his presence. When you do this in prayer, Tim, the Lord will fill your heart with a love and peace that cannot be defined by mere words. You will know and feel a love for the Lord Jesus and his teachings. You will have a love for all men, even the worst of your enemies. You will have a desire to read and understand the scriptures and when you read them it will be like a light is turned on within you as you read through the words of Jesus. All of this is the work of the Holy Spirit who dwells within you. Your Grandma and I really want to see you, Maranda, Dayna and our great-grandson, Nathan. We have always hoped you could move to Phoenix when you finish school and begin a new career. By the way your renewed love and desire for our Lord will cause you to seek him for guidance on what vocation you should seek that will honor him, and not put you in a compromising position. Anyway, if you cannot move here at least try to visit us this year. We will try to work out the financing to make it easier for you to travel. Please call us “collect” any time you have comments or questions. And thank you for your kind words about our website which I hope will help ground you in the fundamental truths of our Lord, and his prophetic words that are today being fulfilled as we wait and watch for his second coming. Know that my writings should always be secondary to those of the Holy Scriptures, for they are the “final” say on all matters. Remember, the same body that rose from the dead two-thousand years ago is in Heaven, awaiting to return to bring judgment to the nations and the fallen angels that rule over them. Those who fall on their knees in repentance and faith will be lifted up to join him in the Kingdom on this Earth for one-thousand years. Those who reject him will be sentenced into eternal separation from God and all that is good and wholesome. Your Pop, Jack