I am 99.9/10ths % with you on your teachings as they line up with the hold Word of God. However, your interpretation of Romans 13 and other scriptures which decry rising up physically against the corrupt political system currently reigning in the USA is mystifying, if not reminiscent of tyrant leaders of old. What you imply is that we should be silent, just pray and not rise up against the tyrannical evils overtaking this once-great nation. I will ask you this. Hitler said the same thing– (That we are not to fight authority.) So basically what you are implying, if not stating outright, is that believers are to say and do nothing to fight against this the New World Order and the politicians that are destroying the nation that our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, gave to our fore fathers. Just think, the Germans did likewise. Just think. If they had risen up and fought against the evils of their day, 6 million Jews and their descendants would be alive today! Please, reconsider. Study the Word. Study the Constitution. Realize that our Founding Fathers fought and died for the freedoms you and your children now enjoy and which are quickly disintegrating. I am with Pastor Chuck (Baldwin). Pastors like you will have to call account for selling out to 501c3 and for selling out to the tyrannical leaders of this nation.———————————————————Jack’s reply. Thanks for the entry in our guestbook, Jacy. And also for agreeing with most of what I have written and entered on this website. I know how hard it is to bring our fleshly instincts under control of the Holy Spirit when it comes to violence and wars among men and nations. Please know I have never recommended to other Christians that they “just be silent” about the evils of men or the New World Order. We are to speak out with a loud and clear voice that all the evil of this world is due to our sin nature and the fallen angels that manipulate it to fulfill their wicked desires for destruction and death among men. Until our Lord Jesus returns this will be allowed to continue by our God because of sin. While we speak this truth with compassion and love to all our enemies, we must pray for their salvation, even as they persecute us for telling them the truth about themselves. If the German Christians had been walking in the truth and power of the Holy Spirit, they would have, as one voice, exposed Hitler before he took power. The truth is, however, these Christians had already been decieved doctrinally before Hitler appeared on the scene, as they followed the “just war” false doctrine of Augustine and Martin Luther.