There is a great deception going on for decades here in the USA among evangelical Christians. They almost all have been taught to believe that their darling Israel must be supported by all Christians. But if you research the leadership of Israel and the the hidden powers that be, you will easily find a deeper darker plot to impose their own messiah -NOT the MESSIAH OF THE CHRISTIANS- upon the world. This is why the anti-Christ sets up his kingdom there!
So why should we support them? It is said that Solomon, when he backslid from worshipping the true God, wrote a book on how to practice witchcraft, and these cabalist teachings are still used among the leaders of the world today who are backing this plot. It is a deep dark past….which is why Jesus said to them- “you are of your father – the devil”. In the rebellion against God (that began long before their true Messiah was even born and then rejected), they as a people had already been led astry by their power hungry controlling leaders. This is why the true prophets and messengers of God were repeatedly killed and silenced.
Another interesting fact is that the Muslims also believe in the return of Christ! They also have their own word in the Koran for the anti-Christ – DAJAL and they also lbelieve this evil person will come into power.
Strategicaly speaking, if you were planning on creating a NEW WORLD ORDER and already had the Christians deceived, then who would you go after? Why the Muslims of course-for they would NEVER accept this evil ruler! And if at the battle of Armegedon where we have these armies gathering to oppose the forces of the anit-Christ (remember the Christians are already raptured and out of the way)
then would not these include the Muslim peoples?
So when Jesus returns at this time with His own army, He will actually be helping the “anti-anti-Christ” forces right? What better way to end the long and bitter animosities between Muslims and Christians to help usher in the new Millenium.
Mossads sloganby deception-make” is contrasted here by the Muslis saying “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”. We have all been duped, and history has been manipulated time and again by evil men to shape the future of THEIR choice. Dear Martin Luther put it so well…”If not the right man were on our side, our striving would be losing. Dost ask who that may be…Christ JESUS it is HE! And HE will win the battle!”