Hi Jack:
About 12 years ago I visited you in your furniture store in Phoenix and we discussed the scenarios about how the Tribulation period would unfold. You insisted that Babylon the Great would survive till nearly the end of the Trib while I said that it appeared that she would be taken out rather early by divine intervention.
Since then Climate Change has become a threat not only to us but also the entire Human race. We are now seeing effects of those changes and Scientists are speculating that the USA and her largest cities will have to be abandoned due to sea level rise along the coasts and catastrophic drought in the inland continental areas.
I have read many of the Babylonic Prophecies in Isaiah and Jeremiah that clearly show that Babylons great cities will be abandoned and a haunt of the Desert creatures like jackals (Coyotes) and Desert owls ect… “Never to be lived in again…”

I love my country and I am afraid that God himself will allow the damage we have done to the climate to ruin us and make us an example to the rest of the world of what is coming upon them if they to not turn and follow God. I pray for our country and President constantly, in the hope that we may escape the looming disaster, but I fear that it is already too late for us.
The Arctic sea ice is disappearing fast and as the Arctic warms a catastrophic mass release of Methane (a greenhouse gas 25 x more potent than C02) will trigger a runaway Global Emergency that will be a threat to all life on Earth.