Thank you for your personal testimony to the gospel of God’s glory that came to you and your wife. God’s timeline according to His Word. Praise to God for Sandy being received into the kingdom of God through the New Covenant, i was so happy to hear that he received the good news of God’s gospel. i needed to hear again the documented facts from the scripture about the building of man and the building of God, the truth about the U.S and the 11 nations (political and religious government, the beast false prophet and antichrist. a time of great spiritual deception in the name of Christ,many coming in his name saying, he is the Christ (like that woman who had a spirit of divination (vaticanus–divining serpent). I hope new covenant jews and gentiles in the churches who took monetary bribes and partnered themselves with the beast, the false prophet to endorse false peace and security using faith-based initiatives will hear God’s call to them to come out of her (the mother of harlots mixed with ancient mysteries (other gods). thank you for the 2 page outline you wrote. God bless you.