I am a foreigner to the most on your website, living in Finnish Lapland, the northern most district of Finland, at the Arctic Circle. It just happened a couple of years ago that I subscribed to the website of Jack D. Hook, and he has sent me messages after that persistantly. Now, it is my first time to send a comment. I agree with your statement of faith. In the same way as Jack, I disagree with the present political and religious divisions to right and left, conservatives and liberals etc. Satan, the personal evil is always arousing controversies to get people to fight and kill each other. I only want to follow Jesus Christ and pray that He would lead me by the Holy Spirit to think, speak and do what is the will of God the Father. Most my fellow citizens do not seem to understand that, and therefore I feel myself almost totally lonely. Anthony Goddard mentioned something that prompted me to write. He said: “THERE IS ALOT OF EVIL IN THIS WORLD RIGHT NOW AND I DO FIRMLY BELIEVE THAT GOD IS COMING BACK REAL SOON TO END IT ALL. JUST LIKE WITH NOAH AND HIS ARK. THIS TIME IT WON´T BE AS PRETTY.” It was that ´Noah and his Ark´, which made me to startle. Precisely that subject has been in my mind from the spring 2005 or for five years now, and I wrote a book named ´Ice-Shedding of Aeons´ that I updated last fall by the name ´Ice-Shedding of Ages´. I got a strong insight, an inner vision, about the glacier of Greenland shedding its age old ice fields to the Arctic Ocean by such a force that a series of gigantic earthquakes and tsunamis would make the whole Earth to tremble and sway as a drunkard and drown all islands, coasts and lowlands. I realized that it was the physical cause that started Noah´s Flood. I have thoroughly studied my subject from many physical, experience and other viewpoints, the Bible Prophets and prophecies included, and made many calculations. Therefore I am sure about what I have written, although people obviously do not like my book so that they would buy it. How many people listened to Noah either? Only his own close family, not more, but the Flood came anyway and took off all of them, except Noah and his family. I strongly believe that my book concerns the Seventh Bowl of God´s Wrath. It is said in Rev. 16:18: “And there were voices, and thunders, and lightnings; and there was a great earthquake, such as was not since men were upon the earth [after the Flood], so mighty an earthquake, and so great.” I could not avoid obeying the Heavenly vision that I got. Therefore I wrote my book. You find it at my URL above. Kauko Loukas your brother in Christ