It doesn’t really matter right now whether America, Iraq, Rome, Jerusalem or good old mother England is Mystery Babylon. It may as well be Kathmandu.

Right now, it’s unimportant as to where the antichrist comes from. It may be Europe, Turkey, America, Britain, or the middle east somewhere. Maybe he comes from Nuuk.

I don’t really care right now if Gog is Putin, Satan, Obama, the antichrist or Prince Charles. He, or if it were a she, may as well be Lady Gaga, whatever she may be?

I don’t lose sleep right now wondering if Psalm 83 is a prophecy or a prayer, or whether or not Nephilim hybrids are already amongst us, or if the rapture occurs before the tribulation or at the end of it, or if America stays as a world power or dissipates.

I don’t know right now who the false prophet is, whether it’s the Pope, the Prince of Wales or a demonic being. He may as well be Sun Myung Moon.

I’m unsure right now who the antichrist will be. Will he be the Shiite Muslim’s Mahdi, Satan himself, a Satan possessed individual, the American president, some dude from Europe in a tweed suit or a despot who comes from out of nowhere? He may as well be a newly discovered Lou Costello.

Who right now really knows for sure whether or not we western Christians will face severe persecution, even death, like our brothers and sisters in hostile countries already do, or who knows unequivocally that we Christians won’t suffer famine, disease, financial ruin, imprisonment or the loss of everything before we go to be with Jesus Christ? If there’s a phone nearby, perhaps “dial a prayer” may help.

Who right now really understands which generation Matthew chapter 24 refers to? Is it the generation since 1948 when Israel was re-established? Is it the generation that exists after the tribulation begins? Is a generation 40, 70, 80, 100, or a hundred and twenty years in length? Or does the word generation refer only to a race of people? It may as well simply refer to some means of producing electricity.

If the rapture of the church occurred right now, would it produce world wide mayhem or hardly a ripple? Would UFO’s suddenly appear overhead taking credit for “the disappearance”? Would one hundred million Americans disappear, or would it be more like only ten million or so who were really “born again”? It may as well be only eight people, as with Noah and his family when they were taken out of harm’s way.

Right now, is it even critical if there is a rapture or not? If there is, is it critical as to whether it happens before the tribulation, in the middle of it, or at the end of it? Does it really matter if the war of Ezekiel 38 is before the tribulation, just after the tribulation starts, in the middle of the tribulation or even if it and the battle of Armageddon are actually the same war? Perhaps we should ask a journalist. They would surely tell the truth, wouldn’t they?

Is Israel on the verge of signing a peace treaty with the Arabs right now? Or is that still some way off in the future? Is Iran going to go nuclear, or will Israel stop that from happening? Will America continue to betray Israel and try to force it to relinquish more land for peace? If it does, will another judgement befall America, such as perhaps an earthquake of hitherto unknown proportions? Then again, maybe Obama really does have Israel’s back as he says, where he can easily put a knife in it.

Did Lee Harvey Oswald kill President John Kennedy or was it a planned assassination by those in power whose interests Kennedy threatened? Was he really killed by a bullet that emerged in pristine condition after doing so much damage and does it matter right now that Oswald was most likely set up to take the blame? If it was Oswald, he was a better shot than Annie Oakley ever dreamed of being, and he deserves credit for being able to be in several places at one time.

Was 9/11 perpetrated solely by Muslim fanatics, or was it an inside job as claimed by hundreds of experts in the fields of aviation, construction, fire, explosions and demolitions? Could it have been simply a ruse to strip away personal freedoms, move power to the elite and fight a war against an ethereal enemy for the financial gain of a few? Does it matter right now? At least we have now learnt that undamaged high rise buildings can freefall perfectly at any moment into their own footprint. Be careful walking through the city.

Are UFO’s from other galaxies, demonic manifestations, or craft designed and built right here on earth that the public and enemies must not know about, yet? How can they travel so fast and turn right now so quickly?

Whilst all of these things are interesting and beneficial to ponder, and it’s alright to have a view on them, are they really important RIGHT NOW?

Actually, all that matters is where you will spend eternity and whether or not you have made peace with Jesus Christ regarding your sins and how you are living your life.

That’s what you really need to worry about……….