Shalom Jack, your web is a good thing. I too have wondered about the things that is happening here on earth just before His coming.I think the thing that made it clear was to see how the Old T interpets the new T. Like G-d said, what was, will be, and there is Nothing new under the sun. and later HE speaks of the days of Noah and how they were. People just do not listen to EVERY word so they take things out of context, which leaves pretext, and when one doesn’t have the whole truth, they just have a lie. Even G-d told us the end from the beginning and that HE doesn’t do anything least HE tells us first.Now that knowledge has increased as He said it would, it becomes more clear everyday. And He told us that ALL gov are ran by the god of this world, but also said we are to hire Christian men and women and hold them accountable, which we don’t. they have this mind set, Rep on good, Dem’s are bad. but they are all men and women of the same clothe. I think we both know that the days of Noah was violent. and in Hebrew, Violence means Hamas. On many church fronts it shows the cresent moon and stars. now it is even on our weapons. there were many 33 degree Masons and still are who are driven by Satan and challenge G-d every second of the day. G-d said in His Word, HE would send jihad to men and women of disobedience. All nations fell who came against Israel, G-d’s time piece. and we know the last days HE told us the last two prophecies would be Apostasy and hate for Israel. He also told us that the world would ahte us and take us before judges etc for His name sake, kill us etc like they did HIM> but told us to rejoice and that HE would be with us to the end of the age. Not to worry about who can kill the body but who can kill the soul as well. to hate the world or HIM..and that the world would love their own. He also told us in the good Samaritian story , Him being the third man on the ass, who took the dying man to the Inn. paid for two days and said I will be back in Two Days to pay you what else I owe you. A day is like a thousand yrs to G-d. Time is up and things will never be better Jack. Most churches are asleep, have the “other Jesus” that Paul warned about and the wolves are in there and how they love it. the whole world is in the church. and yes there are some..who have the truth and walk in it. they over look the first warning of G-d. Genises 12:3 to say nothing of HIS Everlasting Covenants with the Jews.Like He said, not because they deserve it but for HIS name sake , HE blinded them for us heathen so we would have the power to become sons of G-d. Let not your heart be troubled, just keep believing HIM and know the world is NOT worthy to escape the things coming down on the world. When we are mistreated, we are to rejoice..and remember each day, HE IS COMING and we are worthy to escape the things coming down on the world. The chuch is asleep, has a different gospel. the very power is gone because of it. as far as America, the ones who ran from the enemy and discovered America were Jews and Christians. It started out ok and ended because of sin. as it is written and we know G-d will fulfill all HIS word to HIS pleasure. I wondered so long, why does the church sleep and not hold gov accountable and follow the laws of the is SIN and disobedience and they have love thy neighbor mixed up with Justice. G-d is love but HE is a G-d of Justice and is not coming to make peace. but with the sword. HE tells us HE is coming to destroy His enemies, the enemies of Israel. but the hate world wide for HIS chosen is here. and Israel became a nation in 1948, most have gone home. and we must not forget how HE said, I am coming and when I stand on the MT of Olive, I will bring up the dead, give them a new heart of flesh, take away their sin and all Israel will be saved. HE says they will see the nail prints in HIS hands and mourn like for a first son etc. If the church thinks they are thrown into hell then why do they believe in their covenant with HIM? All we can do is there is great POWER in Prayer..and keep telling them all HE IS COMING, time is all but up. I wnat no one to be in tribulation and neither does G-d as every soul is like the world. IT IS THEIR Choice. We know when all these things begin to happen, to look up, our redemption draws near, and is even at the door. Take care, G-d bless and keep praying for the peace of Jerusalem. praying for the KING OF KINGs, and L-rd of L-rds..praying for the peace of Jerusalem is to pray for the prince of PEACE to come. love Kim