It would appear that the events will soon start to happen that will usher in the tribulaton. I know the falling away has occured now. It was the churches that fell away. The falling away is very bad. Hardly anyone but myself knows the full extent of the falling away, but it’s very very very bad. Stay away from the churches we have around us today. They are filled with the devil and they aren’t God’s churches at all. It is very harmful to go to these churches. I don’t understand much about the tribulation because God just hasn’t used me in that area. He’s used me more with what the falling away is that Paul said would happen before the son of perdition is revealed. Let me say once again, the falling away has happened and we are now soon going to be seeing the events that will usher in the antichrist. It could happen at any time now.

Keep your eyes peeled to the news in Israel. We will understand the rest of Revelations and the tribulation as we see it happen.

We are the Elect.

Sister in Christ