Hi Jack. Just read your email-out on The History of America [from a BIBLICAL PERSPECTIVE] very excellent ! I agree that the endtime prophetic scenario is “a world/global government that is “New Age” and quasi-religious in nature,” … all APART FROM the True Messiah and Lord, – The Lord Yeshua: Jesus Christ, the ONLY Saviour. If there is ever going to be a real revival and TRUE SPIRITUAL TURN AROUND in America: it will only be by an awesome and direct intervention BY GOD HIMSELF, – and (likely) that would only occur after severe chastisement and judgements have fallen upon the nation. … we’re headed straight into great tribulation… HOLD FAST TO JESUS, dear brother. you are loved and appreciated by His people and Body in heaven & on earth. Love in Yeshua Messiah ha adOn. bro.Len * Jude 24-25 *