btw, just a quick thought to those who are confused about the Biblical doctrine and concepts of SALVATION and SANCTIFICATION: * Salvation is a free gift of grace TO THOSE WHO RECEIVE HIM with a heart of faith, sincerity, humility, and repentance. – THIS SALVATION covers the redeemed human spirit IMMEDIATELY, … and then the soul and the body [EVENTUALLY] . * Sanctification is an on-going work of THE HOLY SPIRIT that involves the will and choices. It involves the issue of eternal rewards or loss, … it is not an issue of salvation, mercy, or grace. – ALL THAT is already given to the person who has [in truth] RECEIVED and embraced Christ as Saviour and LORD. “born again? … CHANGED WITHIN.” !*THERE MUST BE FRUIT that PROVES you have been born of THE HOLY Spirit ! an empty and mere ‘profession’ means nothing in the sight of GOD. HE GOES BY REALITY. *the fruit* IS THE WORK OF THE HOLY SPIRIT within.(!) – and it WILL be seen in the life IN CHRIST eventually.