Jack, I really enjoyed your article. I am 70 years old now, and have seen much happen in this world.
Ezekiel stated that it would take 7 years to clean up (purify the land)the mountains of Israel after the Lord supernaturally destroys the peoples associated with Gog & Magog. (Mesach&Tubal)
Another website states that the United States is in fact the Babylon mentioned as falling.
I think we as Americans cannot afford the current wars thrust upon us, and so I do not believe America will be with the European/Arab/Persian/Caucusus hordes on those mountains. I believe God will keep us out of it, because it is HIS show for all the world to see.
At no other times have we in this world been able to see that which transpires on the other side of the planet as we can in these days.

I want to be a Christian, and I do read the bible, and I BELIEVE that God sent his only son into this world IN THE FLESH, and that God raised His Son, by His Power & Glory, from the dead at the appointed time.
Also, Jesus said : ” Why call me Lord, Lord, and not do as I say?!”
My problem is not doing what Jesus said to do. I cannot seem to get it all together.
Can you set up a checklist of those things Jesus said I must do, that I might follow Christ in all honesty?

By the way, I too am from the Vietnam era ( 101st Airborne ) but I did not go to Vietnam (thank God!!)

P.S. I am reading the Book of Enoch which further describes the Fallen WATCHERS who left their former estae and mingled sexually with human females to produce giants. I find the book to be a hard read, but very informative. Enoch points to the latter days as well.
Is this book of Enoch (Whom I believ will be on of the 2 witnesses mentioned in Revelation )ok to read?
I undersand the Hebrews used to read this book long ago, and may still do so, but I don’t know that for sure!

Thank you for your time..May God further bless your work!