The big hurricane this weekend on the East Coast looks like a judgement. Our big fire around Los Alamos (the second evacuation for a forest fire for many of us) was a judgement. I guess. I am getting further and further from understanding what most humans are talking about when they talk about Biblical things. I don’t think that I, in
contrast, have the answers. I fear that almost no one has the answers. The Bible is basically true, horribly true at this moment, but most of us are lost in a sea of poor interpretation.

It may be that you, Jack, have the right interpretation. I’ve been reading others’ interpretations for some time now, years, and I have learned a lot, but it’s “book learning”. My only real thing came when Jesus appeared to me 20 years ago, and when he gave me some concrete signs a few times after that. And my only reality from now on is hoping He will come to rescue us. That is all I can feel or think at this horrible time.

Will I join Him in Armageddon? I think not. I am a woman. I can ride a horse but blasting someone to death is not my style. A Messianic rabbi told me that we would not be doing the revenge killing at that time, only Jesus would do it, but we would ride along as His devoted friends. I don’t even want to watch it, so maybe I’ll stay by the fire back in Heaven on That Day.

As you can tell, my sadness is overwhelming.