Let me know if you ever get around to comparing Biblical and Quranic End Times stuff. I was never too impressionable til i noticed that when jacob gathers his sons to tell them of their end he tells daniel he shall be a judge unto israel and a serpent snapping at the heelsofthe horses. If Isa is Arabic mistransliteration of Jesus, maybe Dajjal is of daniel. Of course this is of no concequence til we consider the oddly named pop person Bat for Lashes. Claims to have been inspired by dreams on her first album; the track The Wizard has the refrain ´he will be our leader´. The second album stirrs things up on Two Planets with something about the Son of Solomon (ie the root of david 😉 and then there´s the single Daniel, which brings us right back to Dajjal. What would a divine judge make of zionist Israel? Or warmongering Christians? Or big buisiness using religious and communist BS to block the creation of universal healthcare in the wealthiest nation on earth? PS the name i put in the box was just for attention, as you can see from my e-mail my name is closer to Isa´s than Dajjal´s. Peace j