On The Secular side, I stumbled across this Headline: The Hindenburg Omen Has Arrived — Stock Market Crash Imminent? The whole article can be found here: republicbroadcastingDOTorg/?p=10229. This a good place to find real news, not “MAINSTREAM NETWORK LIES”. Satan´s final play is approaching quickly, which is total devastation and deception. Something big is going to happen before The Elections. (In my humble opinion only) Whether it is an economic downfall or another “Military Police Action” in Pakistan or Iran, trouble is coming our way!!! If Marshal Law is declared, FEMA takes over as the Governing Body of The USA, you know what that means. It means WE are on OUR OWN, expect NO HELP FROM WASHINGTON. It is time to put away some goods. The only thing the Government will do for you is take you to a FEMA Camp where you will no longer be a free American!!! Store up some goods and put on your full Suit of Spiritual Armor. Shine it up and suck in that gut when you put it on. We Americans have grown fat and lazy, brainwashed by the Network Media into thinking Life is Grand. The only thing that can save USa is The Great Hope of The Rapture. Pray for The PROMISED Rapture. None of us are ready for what is in store for America, especially our non believing friends that will not make the Rapture and will be “left behind.” I think Jack would agree that there are no more Prophecies that need to be fulfilled for The Rapture take place. Are we all ready? YBIJesus, Mickey