Dear Jack,

I recently watched two very uplifting movies called The Finger of God and Furious Love. These are documentaries produced several years ago that are outstanding. Third World Christian Churches are TRULY AMAZING. If our American 501 3C Corporate Tax Free Government Churches had just 10% of The Love of Jesus that these people have…….America would be whole different place than it is now.

There are Evangelists in China that walk into a remote Villages and HEAL all The Sick and crippled right before the eyes of The Entire Town. They then get 100% of the people at The Alter Call to Come to Jesus. People stand in 120 degree heat for 12 hours, day after day listening to Traveling Preachers because they Have no Bibles. I am ashamed of my walk after seeing these Lovers of Jesus. In The Last 7 years there have been over 100 Resurrections in a remote and desolate Country in Africa. Miracles from Jesus abound where he is truly loved.

You can download these magnificent Films free at The above website or purchase them via the Internet. If you can not download or Purchase these films, email me and I will make you copy.