Whewwwwww, We made it longer than the Mayan Calender said we would. For Worldly Predictions I will pick Papyrus over Stone every time. I sure hope there wasn’t to many “Christians” that fell for that End of The World Mayan Human Sacrificing Death Cult warning that was carved about 5000 thousand years ago.

There are thousands of Doomsday Preppers crawling out their Multi Million Dollar Underground Bunkers scratching their heads wondering what went wrong. In saying that, they may be needing them for other things other than the end of the Earths 26,000 year orbit we have around The Milky Way. Any morning now we can expect to wake up and Find little left of the Life Style we have all grown accustomed to. World War 3 is here folks. Our Lying Mass Media Broadcasting Organizations have been lying to us and covering up THE REAL TRUTH for decades. Our Nobel Peace Prize winning President and his Predecessor have kept us fighting wars that few of us in America think we should be participating in. We are fighting Wars caused by The Worlds Criminal Banking Cartels that loan All World Governments the Capital they need to operate at 40% and up knowing full well they will never be able to pay it back. Bankers make as much money in 1 day of war as they do in 1 Year of Peace.

They are calling it The Fiscal Cliff in Washington right now. I call it the Death of The Dollar. It is coming and THE WHOLE WORLD knows it. The Whole World less America. We Americans have become complacent as all other countries await our downfall so they can come in and pick up The Pieces. We should all have some emergency provisions that can keep you fed a watered for at least 6 months. This can be done relatively inexpensively by purchasing cooking basics in Bulk. 50 pound bags of flour for about $17. That’s about 50 cents a loaf. Beans and Rice are also real cheap when buying in quantity.

Even though I am a Pre-Trib believer and believe we will not have to endure Tribulation and Wrath as The Bible plainly says, I also say that a little bit of preparation is good. Food prices will be doubling next year so investing in Food now will be a very wise investment even if there is no disaster. We should all have a way to purify water also. (Jack you may need something that will squeeze water out of Sand) If you have a place to grow Vegetables you should purchase seeds now for the next 2 or 3 years.

There is something Evil in The Air.(Prince of The Air) I don’t think anything serious will Happen till after Obama is Sworn in For The 2nd Time. That is only conjecture however.

Happy Holidays Jack, Carol and Family and friends. And a Happy New Year too with Blessings from Yahweh, his Son and The Holy Spirit.

Mickey Theade