Jacy my brother, For someone you agree with 99.9% you sure whipped up on Jack a quite a bit. You made a lot of assumptions concerning Jack that I know are incorrect. Romans 13 wouldn´t concern us at all if the other scriptures were followed. One example would be Ephesians 5:11 (King James Version) 11 “And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.” If we all had been doing this the last 50 years, our country would not be in the predicament we are now facing. To place blame on one chapter of the Bible for the current condition of our country is absurd. Although I DO AGREE WITH YOU on the Fact that Churches are selling out for their tax exempt status with the IRS. Because of their 501c3 (Tax Exempt Status) they are not permitted to speak out against the Federal Government which denies First Amendment rights to the Church and it´s Preachers. In my opinion the true word of Yahweh can not be properly taught with these kinds of restrictions put on them. More frightening to me are FEMA Clergy Response Teams. FEMA has HIRED over 26,000 preachers to tell their flocks to go to FEMA Camps in case of Marshall Law. FEMA and NorthCom are planning to imprison Christians in these Death Camps. This stuff is right out of Hitlers Playbook. They will be using Christians instead of Jews or maybe both this time. Another question One should ask himself is about the origins of the ideas that are founding fathers used to draft the Constitution. All most all of the Founding Fathers were Freemasons. Advanced Freemasonry is right out of the Pits of Hell. The God that is spoken of in our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution is NOT the God Yahweh our Creator but the Wanna Be God Lucifer the Prince of the Air. Jesus said, more times than any other statement concerning end times Prophecy, DO NOT BE DECEIVED. Have we all been deceived? Yes brother WE HAVE. We now have the evidence that most ALL of the wars were started with “False Flag” attacks. In WWII Roosevelt new the Japs were coming, or Vietnam Gulf of Tonkin incident that got us into the Vietnam War was staged or 911 that was staged to get us into The WAR ON TERROR. These are not things that Yahweh would do. This is Luciferian thinking. The Terror is coming from within Government. These are the Fallen Angels that are guiding the Powers of Governments World Wide. This Planet is Lucifers dominion. We are just Pilgrims passing through this illusion of Reality on Earth, not Earth Dwellers like our leaders in Government are. You also should ask Jack if he is a 501c3 preacher. Cause I would bet everything that I own he is not what you accuse him of. It is the time to work together for Jesus. If we had put the importance of Jesus before the importance of our Country we would not be having this discussion right now. If you disagree with any of this Jacy all these Question can be answered by downloading free info at the website above. YBIJesus, Mickey Pouring Out The Holy Spirit – POTHS