Jack, after you referred to a book titled, Appolyon Rising 2012, I ordered it from Amazon.com. It arrived on Friday and that night I decided to read a couple pages before going to bed. Sixty pages later, I couldn’t keep my eyes open and fell asleep. Saturday, I picked it up again and continued to read, then, being more than a little curious, I skipped to the back of the book and read the last 50 or so pages. I’m now debating whether or not to finish the rest of the book. My purpose in writing today is to say that, while Mr. Horn has obviously done a great deal of research, and I, having some knowledge of the Masonic brotherhood through male members of my family, and having no doubt as to the inherent evil in that organization, I caution fellow born-again believers to remember that, while Satan is a roaring lion seeking to devour whomever he can at this time, we must keep our eyes on Jesus. I know my redeemer liveth! If Mr. Horn’s purpose is to put together the prophecies of past and present people and entities, he’s done a great job. If his purpose is also to make non-Christians take notice of the times we’re living in, he’s also done a great job. But it seems to me that Satan would also disseminate false information to try to influence and pull away the elect. And this is where we must use caution. Since the antichrist has not yet officially come on the scene, and the pact with Israel has not yet been signed, I believe it is too late in the scheme of things for the Appolyon mentioned in Revelation, chapter 9 to open the abyss and release these demons. He will do so during the first half of the tribulation, I agree. The opening of the abyss is the fifth trumpet judgment. It releases the locust-like demons that will not be able to harm the elect. All this being said, if Mr. Horn and all those before who predicted the coming of Appolyon in 2012, are correct, a great many things must take place first: the rapture, the identification of the antichrist, the treaty with Israel, the earthquake, etc. Since the entities that Mr. Horn quotes in his book, are without exception, non-born again Christians, I really believe that Lucifer has manipulated all this behind the scenes to “throw us off.”