Thank you dear brother for the work you are doing…my wife and I were captive to the Watchtower religion for 49 years and my wife 52 years. When we got free from that Cult we went through a lot of theology and other stuff. During 2006 we were called to Cyprus by the Lord…a place my wife did not like and we have 2 daughters and 5 Grankids back in England.

We have been here for nearly 5 years now and it is tough…we cannot attend local English Churches as they infected with Warren or some other garbage that we know is false.

We have set up a House of Prayer and meet with a few of us.

Much of what I read on this site is what we feel within our Spirit and the article about ‘fallen angels’ we have accepted for years. We know we are living in ‘end times’ and we know that the deception is very widepread…so its great to find ones like you and Rick Freau speaking out truth.

Our testimonies are on under David & Christine

This site helps people get out of JWs and Mormons.

Bless you in the name of Yeshua