Thank you for your e-mail. I will be glad to do as you suggested in your email.
I would like prayer for the old Heritage USA property. I have been gang stalked here since 2005.
This coven/cult/secret society type church here controls the people, and harasses those who are not
in agreement with them.
They have their own “police” force which basically consists of a bunch of hooligans and thugs.
They put blood and feces all over my home, and they killed my dog at Halloween in 2006 in a horrible way.
They tailgate my van and try to run me off of the road every time I try to go anywhere.
They put out all kinds of false reports and slander against me here, and the people are afraid to be friends with me.
All of their harassment is covert and most of it is conducted inside my building via hacking, wiretapping and illegal surveillance.
Please pray that godly people will come to this area to occupy it and pray