I would like to respond to Sherry and to everyone else who conclude that whatever will be, will be, or “the will of God be done”! I am amazed that there are many smart, intelligent and Spirit-Lead people, who like Peter, one time are lead by God, to say that Jesus is the Son of the Living God, and the next time they lend their mouth-piece to the devil, to say silly things! ‚ĶLike a said to a Pastor who told me that although Obama’s Agenda was ungodly, they would still vote for him and make History, by electing the first African-American President, and then ask God to fixt their mistakes! To whom I replied, then you do not believe in what God says in His Word! “Whatever a many sows, that what he will reap”! You can’s say God’s will be done and then act the opposit of what God’s will is! If you ask for troubles and you Tempt God, you will get in a mess! Because God gave you His Word and His intelligence, to understand what His will is and how you need to act to see that His will be done! If you know that especially on Morality, a potential President is not godly, then you as a child of God are not supposed to vote for him! If you do vote for him, then you are not allowing the Holy Spirit to lead you and you are lead by the flesh!!!