Jack, many years ago while After leaving the Marine Corps to pursue my education (I wanted a degree to come back in the Corps as a Commissioned Officer)I met a fine figure of a man also named Jack. He was an Army Captain and had a wife who was very pregnant with their soon to be born first child. Jack was a Ranger Captain, a graduate of West Point and was assigned to the Pentagon temporarily and would soon be sent to Viet Nam which had started in earnest. His wife had a breakdown immediately after their child was born and had to be hospitalized for mental treatments including shock treatments which was the only thing they could do to calm her down enough to be able to come home for short visits with her husband and baby. But always she regressed and went back to the hospital. My friend was a born again Christian, I was and am Catholic. He brought in the same information, the prophecy timeline, a map of events to come leading to Armegeddon and we spent several hours while he witnessed to me. I lost track of him when I moved and he was after several holds for family problems finally sent to Viet Nam. I pray that he made it. I never really knew and never heard from him again. Your page reminds me so much of that other Jack and our many talks.