A friend introduced me to your website and asked me for my opinion of it. The first thing that jumped out at me is the wild rantings of your guest book contributors Len Hummell and Kim Seager. I presume that they are of the same persuasion as yourself Jack. The latter writes that “we are saved by believing Christ came and died for our sin”. Hummell writes along the same lines “Hold fast to JESUS”. JEAN Another contributor echoes the same sentiments as Hummell and Seager by writing “In Faith I believe salvation is a free gift and not of works”. What a lifeless, fruitless gospel they preach. I would not dare set myself up as a teacher Jack but I cannot help asking what became of the word of the apostle James who says that “faith without works is dead”. If the apostle James was writing in this guest book I have no doubt that he would declare that everyone who believes the “faith without works” gospel are “DEAD” people.