I am a born again Christian son of god who is in obedience to the word of god and seeking to do gods will before my own and I confess before all men that Jesus is god born in the flesh and is of God and through the holy spirit given by god resides in all born again children of god.On 23 Jun 2013 the lord put a fire under me like nothing i have ever had before, I got off the fence and into the fire. I want to do gods will before my own and I know what god wants me to do better than i know what the back of my hand looks like and i am 51. Things are going to get worse before they get better obama is behind it all but trust god he has a plan better than anything we can come up with give god your worries trust in god.
Matthew 22 37-40 Eph 6;10-18 1st john 4;4 Romans 8 be obedient to the word of god john 1;1 and you will be doing the will of god the father son and holy ghost. Walk in spirit and not in the flesh. Give all glory to god.