A little Comment for our agnostic brother, Jack Suconik. You are proof that most of the Environmental Foundations are Luciferian Organizations that are NOT here to Protect the Environment. They are here to launder money and steal land through their TAX FREE Foundations. I used to support a half a dozen (Save the Planet) groups. WWF,Greenpeace, Bill and Malinda Gates Foundation, The Nature Conservancy, Ford Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation and the list goes on. These organizations put their interests above God. Man is God´s Image of Himself. They hate God´s Creation of Man in his image. By now after THE CLIMATE GATE HOAX OF Co2 being a poison instead of a life giving gas, everyone should know these environmental groups are mostly fakes. Remember back in 7th Grade Science when we learned that Plants need Co2 so they can live and produce oxygen for animal and Human consumption. If we shut off Co2 we will kill plants and cut off our own Oxygen source. That is suicide my friends. God does not like Suicide. Global Warming is a NWO hoax to fund the Global Government which they themselves claim is now in charge. MOST of your save The Animals groups think that in God´s Creation Dogs and Cats are more important than Humans. Well Jack Suconik, how would you like your children sacrificed for a 4 legged animal. I would not want to be you standing in front of the Lord on your Judgment when you try to convince him that your dogs and cats are more important than His Children. THERE IS A CREATOR JACK, i SWEAR TO YOU THAT IS TRUE. YOU STILL HAVE TIME TO SAVE YOURSELF. TIME IS SHORT. YBIJesus, Mickey PS The correct address for your website is in the URL above. You misspelled your web address.