These buildings that are being built by these muslims across America is nothing but a front for terriost. They claim that they worship and pray to God. God is very clear in the bible that He dosen’t even hear the prayer of a sinner. They are all lost and on their way to hell. They reject Jesus as the saviour of the world. This alone makes them lost. Case closed. It’s a disgrace for Hillary Clinton to stand up and come against this little church in Fl. The pope has come against them and the NEW World Order has. Boy it’s amazing when one little church and a pastor and God can do to up set satan and his little plan to rule the world. Praise God for victory over satan and his imp and demon possed world. satan has but a short time left now. God is going to bring an end to the world as we now know it. Jesus will rapture His church out that is looking for Him.The church has been put to sleep. The tares were planted along time ago.But God has his people that have not bent their knees to baal. They are ready for what ever happens next. LOOK up. IF YOUR not excited about Jesus coming back to get His children then you need to check your oil, has it gone out with the asleep apostate church. Rejoice. Jesus told us He would keep us from the hour that would try the world. My friend that hour is now upon us.Look up my friend.