I wanted to request prayer for a pastor named Terry Jones and his church Dove World Outreach Center. This little church is causing world wide uproar over calling the muslim religion of the devil. That is right according to what the 1611 text teaches. The muslim believe that Jesus Christ isn’t the son of GOD and this makes them anti-christ. This little church of 50 are being sued by the ACLU anti christ liberation union telling them they don’t have the right to do this. I’m proud of this church for standing up for God and the truth. The world is hollering hate speeches. But this muslim religion teaches kill christian’s and no one says anything to defend the christian’s.Oh did Jesus tell us what would happen in the last days. The real christian will be persecuted for his name sake. Well if you never stand up and defend the gospel then Jesus want know you when you stand in front of his FATHER.I for one am sick of seeing a coward church lay down and let the devil just run all over the true word of God. Well ya’ll try to help these fellow bro’s and sister’s in THE LORD. Watch the news it will be on. They are to burn the koran bibles Sat.9-11. The muslims are already burning the American flag and burning the pastor’s picture. I saw this on the internet/ This will explode into something big I do believe. Their exploding with anger the devils anger. We need to stand up and be accounted for the work of God and the truth. The real church needs to come forth out of the closet. Jesus will be with us and for us. May God bless Israel and you that love Israel. The End Time Ministry Luke 18:8 The Servant Of The Lord