Satan will use anything to kill us off, mostly though he uses Us to kill Us. It is legal in The USA under the First Amendment to burn anything of yours that you want as a form of Free Speech. I don´t know that creating anger between two groups of Humans is a PEACEFUL WAY to a solution. It seems to me that there are better battles to wage than one against a people that are mainly born into a religion that penalizes you for leaving Islam by having your Family ritually murder you. You have very little choice in Islam and NO WAY to leave it…. So here we are, fueling an eternal fire that needs NO FUEL. Satan uses Us against Us AGAIN. It think it might be better in this case to “KEEP QUIET” as we pass through the “Sleeping Dragons Lair”. “Let Sleeping Dogs Lie” is another good one cause the “Writings already on The Wall”. …..On another note: Will you have to purchase Carbon Credits from Mr Gore for this burning??? This will really Raise Caine with the Global Warming it will cause. YBIJesus, Mickey