Hi Br.Jack: You clearly have the aptitude and the unlimited material to maintain a really sterling flow of work for the Kingdom and our Lord Jesus Christ. However, I feel it would do no harm for me to ask you to keep things simple, so that those you reach can be and remain child-like in their receiving, living and sharing the Gospel of Truth with others. There is no point in becoming too technical for people to understand what the real message is all about. Remember, unless we become as little children, we cannot enter the Kingdom of God, and this applies to both teachers and their students. There is no perfect Church anywhere. So, the emphasis should be on finding a Church in the which we are enabled and encouraged to live very close to our Lord Jesus Christ: where we can meet Him often in Communion, which is soul food He has provided for us. This alone is what matters. Then, the much that is only husk falls away; to be held of no account. Grasp the truth and find Christ Jesus, – the True Bread of Life. The lesson of the grain is the lesson of His Church and Himself. The real life is all that matters: the outward Church is only the husk; but the husk was necessary to present the life-grain to man. Be Ye mightily blessed with the True Blessings of the Kingdom. Your brother in Christ Jesus our Lord and Saviour. Terry. Cape Town, South Africa.