Dearest Jack, with a heavy heart but a hopeful spirit I’m writing to you. My precious son died from a accidental shooting on December 30th 2016. I found his body and I’m still recovering from the horror and shock. I want to you know something. I went to a place of complete darkness when I could not feel God’s presence. I wanted to die and subconsciously I tried to take my life. I kept crying out “Lord, why have you forsaken me?” after 9 days of the darkest period of my life, The prayers of others finally worked and a great light enveloped me. I was freed from the most evil spirit there is. I learned something so profound in my life, something I thought I knew about myself but was proven. I can withstand anything this world throws at me but I can’t live feeling apart from God. YES, I do love God first and foremost above all!!!! God bless you, Jack, and your family. If you could just say a prayer for me that God keeps teaching me his ways, I would be grateful. Love from your old friend, Tammie