Dearest Jack and Carol,
So many years have passed since we first made contact. I value all your articles Jack. It’s been a rough road trying to teach Christians that there is no just war doctrine. When I was young I couldn’t understand how preachers would stand at the pulpit and nullify Christ’s teachings when they taught about just wars and patriotism. It seemed I was fighting a losing battle.The saddest thing is I can never find a church home. I’ve tried my whole life and church hopped hoping I would find someone who wasn’t afraid of teaching the truth. Another gripe I have is churches don’t teach celibacy as a way of life. Both Jesus and Paul taught this for those who could accept it. I have practice celibacy for over 10 years. (since my divorce) It just isn’t what people want to hear so it’s not taught. But I tell you the truth, I fully concentrate on Jesus and serving him as opposed to serving 1 man in marriage. I’ve never been happier and my love of God grows daily. I know there are Godly marriages, I’ve witness them. But there is a alternative and people need to know this. Thank you Jack and Carol for speaking the truth. I hope we meet someday, if not here then in Christ’s kingdom. Love from your sister in Christ, Tammie